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The Outdoor Group, Inc. is blessed to have a team of professionals dedicated to assisting our clients in achieving their business goals and objectives. We are passionate about our work and consider it a privilege to serve our clients. As dedicated professionals with a history of success and achievement, we have earned the distinction as leaders in the outdoor Broadcast Media, Luxury Sporting Travel, Sales & Marketing, and Commercial Ranching industries. As Chairman and CEO, I believe in partnering with the best talent and leading by example. Our zest for life and commitment to providing more value than expected has served us well. I hope you enjoy learning more about our company and staff on a personal level.

Bob Svetich’s Bio

Double Trouble

The Twins - Bob & Ronn

Bob was born in Gary, Indiana on a cold March day that his mother describes as “pure hell.” You see, there wasn’t just one baby being born that day, but two. Bob has an identical twin brother named Ronn. When the doctors asked the twins’ mother how she felt now that she had just given birth to two healthy boys her response was, “it’s great to be able to see my toes again.” After giving birth to a girl one year earlier, and another boy a few years later, Bob’s parents decided that one girl and three boys would give them all the excitement that two people in love could handle.

Bob’s Childhood Days

Dad Svetich and Twins

An excerpt from an interview given by Bob many years ago when asked: What was life like for you growing up?

As I look back on my childhood growing up in Gary, Indiana, summer days were filled with fishing at one of the nearby lakes or rivers. If the fishing was slow, swimming in those same lakes and rivers seemed to be the perfect thing to do to cool off on those humid Midwest summer days. The evening activities would almost always be the same. You could find my twin brother and I playing baseball on one of a number of different Little League fields. If our team wasn’t scheduled to play that night we’d support our friends and watch their games. My twin brother and I were always playing sports of some kind or another, spending most of our time outdoors year around. In the wintertime, you could find us playing hockey on our favorite frozen pond and when we got old enough to have a gun, hunting rabbit’s, squirrel’s and pheasant’s on farms not to distant from our home in the city.”

Bob the Athlete

15 Year Old All-Star 1968 World Series - 22 Year Old Professional 1975 Pittsburgh Pirates

Athleticism has always come natural for Bob. Whether it was winning track and field events in the high jump and relay races, scoring touchdowns in football or hitting home runs in baseball, Bob excelled in all sports. However, Bob enjoyed baseball the most. As a teenager, he played in the Senior Little League World Series. Several years later Bob realized his childhood dream and signed a professional baseball contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Bob the Entrepreneur

Bob at the Office

Bob always knew that he would be an entrepreneur once Father Time moved him out of professional baseball. Because hunting, fishing, and the outdoors had always been a passion of his, it was easy for Bob to decide what industry he wanted his businesses to be in. He built two successful businesses in the hunting and fishing industry which led to him being asked to join OMG Multi-Media Group, LLC as a host and producer for their award winning outdoor television show, “America’s Outdoor Journal.” Always looking for a greater challenge, Bob then decided he wanted to raise the bar in outdoor television programming and became the Host and Executive Producer of his own television show called “Celebrity Outdoor Adventures.” A quote from Bob; “Getting in front of the camera and doing what I have a passion for has really got my juices flowing again. It reminded me of the adrenaline I felt being up at the plate with men in scoring position. I knew I had to come through and get a hit to win the game.”

Health & Fitness

Bob at the Gym

Like most young people, Bob took his health and fitness for granted in his early youth and teenage years. Bob has always had an interest in being healthy and fit. Bob recalls; “I can remember at the age of twelve, purchasing a weight lifting set using my allowance money. Then once I brought the set home, I proceeded to try and lift the entire barbell over my head stacked with all of the weights it could hold. The good news is that I was able to lift it up over my head. The bad news is that I lost my balance falling backwards, as the entire weight set came crashing down on top of me, severely breaking my right arm.” Bob admits although that experience was traumatic, it didn’t dampen his spirit to participate in physical exercise of any kind in the future. It wasn’t until his early twenties, that he started learning more about proper food groups and nutrition and the importance of regular exercise including disciplined weightlifting. To this day, Bob exercises five days a week, cross trains with weights, running stairs, bicycling, and swimming.

Fun Facts, & Favorites

Bob 8 Year Old

Food: Elk Steak
Beverage: Raspberry Lemonade
Movie: “Lonesome Dove” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”
Comedy: The Andy Griffith Show
Music: “Eye of the Tiger” and “Stranger on the Shore”
Book: “University of Success” by OG MANDINO
Fragrance: Honeysuckle and Freshly-mowed Hay
Quotation: “Be Satisfied Enough to be Happy, Dissatisfied Enough to Improve”
Hobbies: Riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, his horse Dakota, Hunting, Fishing

Up Close & Personal

When Bob was asked how he would best describe himself he responded by saying:

It would have to be “Variety is the Spice of Life.” I love to experience so many different things in all areas of life. I’m like a chameleon. From delivering a boardroom presentation at the Ritz-Carlton, to riding my quarter horse Dakota through rivers and high-mountain trails in Colorado. I can change and adapt at a moment’s notice, and never miss a beat. I love Western art bronzes, evening shadows signaling the end of another glorious day, a water droplet on a blade of grass showcased by an early morning sunrise, a high mountain Aspen grove in the peak of fall colors, the smell of horses and leather, the idea of no boundaries, I can go on forever. Most of the time you can find me “Raising Dust . . . Kickin Up Dirt.” To put it simply, I guess I’m really just a Cowboy at heart!”

J.R. Bonser’s Bio

J.R. Bonser Senior Director of Operations

J.R. Bonser
Senior Director of Operations

I grew up on my Grandparents ranch South East of Loveland, Colorado on the Big Thompson River. My early childhood consisted mostly helping with my families’ cow/calf and feeder cattle operation. As a child, I had the privilege of being around horses, cattle and tractors. The best part of my youth years was as soon as the chores were done, my black lab and I were off to the river bottom and/or the gravel pit ponds to fish or waterfowl hunt. Those experiences helped carve a path to what I truly enjoy in life today and that is ranching, hunting and fishing.

In my early 20’s I took a job in the environmental construction industry managing large contaminated projects mostly west of Mississippi. This is where my hunting and fishing expanded from the river bottoms of Colorado to Africa, Canada and Mexico. Meeting with my clients and establishing a friendship with top executives of major oil companies and consulting firms proved to be one of my greatest successes. At the age of 30, I started my own environmental construction company. For the next 10 years we executed environmental contracts with the EPA, State, Local Governments, Major Oil Companies and my favorite… Ducks Unlimited wetland projects. When Bob and I spoke about an opportunity to be a part of The Outdoor Group, Inc. I was all in. Working in the ranching, hunting and fishing industry helping represent an established business such as The Outdoor Group, Inc. is a dream come true.

I am also a passionate collector of antique silver mounted horse bits, spurs and pre-1900 saddles. My collection also includes early lever action Winchesters and Colt Single Actions.

Some of my personal hunting highlights include taking an archery Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Colorado, Desert Big Horn Sheep in the Baja of Old Mexico, Coues Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer in Sonora Mexico, Cape Buffalo and most of the major African Plains Game in Northern Zimbabwe.

970.222.5669 / J.R.Bonser@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Dan Rieves Bio

Dan Rieves

Dan Rieves
Executive Director of Sales
Luxury Sporting Travel Division

I like to tell people I have made my living in the outdoor industry my entire adult life, no sense in getting a real job now. I spent the first few years as an owner of an upland and waterfowl guide service and working as a freelance big game guide specializing in mule deer and elk hunting. The past twenty-four years I have served as a conservation officer and recreation manager here in Colorado. My background may be diverse but it all has a central theme…play outside!

I am a proud graduate of Colorado State University and hold a B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology, which perhaps gives me a slightly different perspective on outdoor pursuits.

I began in the hunting and fishing trip planning business shortly after selling my guide service almost 20 years ago. Since then I have had the opportunity to plan and host trips including Kansas pheasant hunts, Mexico marlin excursions, and ten-day Alaska arctic adventures. These trips are as diverse as the landscapes of the destinations themselves, but they all have one thing in common, long lasting memories of special trips for my clients.

Honestly, I do not think of myself as a salesman, but more of a coordinator and a logistics planner.

Look through the Outdoor Group’s portfolio of World-Class sporting destinations, and quickly you will see they do not need me to “sell them”. Our discriminating clientele most often just needs a partner to assist them in determining the destination that best fits their needs, and then through the trust that we’ve earned allow us to handle the details on their behalf.

I am energized to represent The Outdoor Group, Inc. Luxury Sporting Travel Division. The criteria for being included in The Outdoor Group’s “Signature Sporting Collection” is rigid, the standard is high and we commit ourselves daily to uphold that level of service from the first phone call to looking through and sharing post trip photos with our clients.

Currently my sporting endeavors revolve around spending time in the woods and on the water with my family. For us it is truly a lifestyle and not just a hobby. Watching my daughter take her first big buck two years ago, and my son take his first turkey last spring, have been my most gratifying outdoor sporting moments to date.

To book your next ultimate sporting adventure and customized hunting or fishing trip-of-a-lifetime, please contact me at The Outdoor Group, Inc.

970.481.4325 / DRieves@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Mark Boyd’s Bio

Mark Boyd

Mark Boyd
Senior Program Director
NuBiz Sporting Sales & Marketing Division

Growing up in Joplin, MO, the Ozarks run deep in my blood. My love of the outdoors started early, almost the day I was born. Whether it was fishing for trout or catfish, hunting squirrels and rabbits, flushing quail with my uncles or just hiking the woods and ridges near my home, I relished every moment spent in the outdoors.

In my teens, I moved to the upper Midwest, to central Minnesota and a whole new set of outdoor adventures. There I discovered walleye fishing, snow shoeing and pheasant hunting. After high school, some college and a year in broadcasting school, I headed to the Great Plains of North Dakota where over the next twenty years I worked in the television industry and spent all my off time taking in all the wonderful hunting and fishing opportunities that abound there. To this day I don’t think there is a place that has affected me more than the abundant waters, rolling grasslands, farm fields and Badlands of the Dakotas. Deer, pheasants, waterfowl and of course fish of many species kept me occupied at every opportunity. It was here that I began to seriously believe I could make a living in the outdoor industry.

I began entering walleye fishing tournaments, and after having some success, I started writing articles about the sport, sharing tips and stories with anyone who would read them. That led to the TV station I worked for asking me to host a weekly segment in the sports cast sharing my “Fishing Tips and Tricks”. That then expanded into a weekly radio show, “Outdoor Tips and Tricks”, and more writing for various magazines and local area newspapers.

In 1996, I was approached by two of the country’s top walleye anglers to be their ghost writer, and soon after that they offered me a job running their blossoming media company. This is where my knowledge of the business part of the outdoors industry matured. Over the years I have cultivated a well rounded and comprehensive understanding of the outdoor industry, as well as the men and women that participate in outdoor sports and activities. I feel mine is a prospective that can benefit a company or sporting venue by helping them to reach a higher level of success.

I am honored to be a part of The Outdoor Group, Inc. team and to have this opportunity to help others reach their business goals and to experience the finest outdoor adventures available.

For World-Class sporting venues, premier outdoor companies and organizations seeking higher revenue and brand awareness through direct sales and marketing initiatives contact Mark Boyd, NuBiz Sales & Marketing Division.

920.428.4815 / MBoyd@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Jennifer Couture’s Bio

Jennifer Couture

Jennifer Couture
Sr. Program Director
StarGaze Multi-Media Division

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado where I continue to reside. Growing up in a state with an abundance of outdoor opportunities has never been overlooked. Living in the west provided me the backdrop to a life spent seeking out the next challenge and adventure. I have acquired a true appreciation for the outdoors and everything it has to offer.

My grandfather instilled in me his love of fishing at a very young age. What was once his passion that he shared with his grandkids has become a lifelong love of mine. The love of fishing is only outshined by my love of family with whom I now carry on this tradition.

I take every opportunity I can to travel. Whether it’s on a camping trip near home or a hunt in another state, I’m always looking for that next experience that can build me personally and professionally. The hunting bug bit me later in life but like everything else I do, I jumped in with both feet. Whether it’s chasing ring neck pheasants behind a set of dogs or listening for the faint sound of a bugle in the aspens, there’s never a question of where you’ll find me each fall.

Jennifers Deer

Never being one to sit idle and always willing to try new things, I was recently introduced to the world of archery. This has quickly become a serious new obsession of mine. When I’m not out looking for the next body of water to wet a line in, I can be found with my bow in hand.

I have spent my entire adult life in public relations as both a service provider and a trainer. I bring to the table 2 decades of experience working professionally building relationships with the public. My love of the outdoors and everything in it has pushed me to follow my passion and start a new career working in the hunting and fishing industry.

As I start this new adventure in life with The Outdoor Group Inc., I am excited and honored at the opportunity of meeting the unique challenges of working with one of the premier companies in the outdoor industry.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact Jennifer Couture StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

720.935.5020 | JCouture@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Cody Clapp’s Bio

cody clapp flyfishing

Cody Clapp
Senior Sales Director
Luxury Sporting Travel Division

Growing up on a working ranch in Idaho, I enjoyed working in the outdoors my entire life. After serving in the United States Marine Corp as a Reconnaissance Navigator I launched a 20 plus year career as a professional outfitter, guide, horseman, sled neck, navigator, angler, outdoor gear expert and campfire raconteur.

I built and own a specialty back country adventure and guide operation based in Southern Utah offering services in the beautiful and challenging terrain of the Western States. I have outfitted and guided trophy hunts and fishing trips across the American West, Mid West and Alaska for record book Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Bear, Caribou and all forms of upland game and water fowl. I have raced the Arctic Man in Alaska, mushed dogs in Jackson Hole, guided back country snowmobiling on Togwotee Pass and worked as a commercial fisherman in the oceans and straights of Alaska’s island chains. I have also guided fly-fishing on the Upper Snake river, including its blue ribbon tributaries, and the One Fly tournament.

cody clapp elk

I love adventure and also understand the importance of precision logistics. I have the advantage of knowing the hunting and fishing industry from both the Outfitter/Guide and client perspectives and have been matching the needs and expectations of clients with the right sporting endeavor for decades.

It is exciting to see the number of high quality lodge/adventure providers all partnered with such a knowledgeable staff. I am thrilled to be a part of the The Outdoor Group, Inc. team and look forward to bringing clients to our world-class sporting venues all around the globe.

I also know that you don’t have to rough it and I love merging luxury and the wild. For the last decade I have specialized in catering to clientele in search of SCI and Boone and Crocket-book animals while enjoying the finest accommodations. Perhaps most importantly, I love a good story and want to help more people make epic memories in the great outdoors.

To book your next ultimate sporting adventure and customized hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime, contact Cody Clapp at The Outdoor Group, Inc., Luxury Sporting Travel Division.

435.691.2639 | CClapp@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Greg Bastek’s Bio

Greg Bastek

Greg Bastek
Director of Business Development

I am extremely excited to be joining The Outdoor Group, Inc. After my first conversation with Bob Svetich, I knew I wanted to be a part of this special organization. My goal is to expand the reach of The Outdoor Group, Inc. by bringing in new ideas, relationships and opportunities for both individuals and corporations. I look forward to building mutually beneficial partnerships and helping people and companies achieve their goals. I am honored to be a part of this special group of outdoor enthusiasts.

I grew up in Connecticut and my fondest memories are fishing with my grandfather, father and brother from a very early age. Whether it was the Florida Keys or Northern Maine, I credit those early days for my love of the outdoors.

I spent many years in the motorcycle magazine business as editor of “Old Bike Journal” where I honed my writing and editing skills and gained a deep appreciation for vintage motorcycles. Being an expert level motocross and dirt track racer didn’t hurt either. My Dad and I still tinker with race bikes to this day.

It was not until I fell into the non-profit world that I realized what I was really meant to do. As a major gifts officer at Sacred Heart University, I realized that my calling was building personal relationships. I honed that craft over the next decade at various agencies and realized after serving as Director of Development at Ducks Unlimited for New England and New York City, that I wanted to build relationships in the outdoor industry.

Myself, my father and son enjoy hunting and fishing together. I am very fortunate to have my father around to spend time in the outdoors with me and my son. These experiences are ones that will always be remembered. My family and I spend time in South Carolina on Kiawah Island each summer and chasing redfish is among one of my favorite pastimes. In the spring my son and I love hunting turkeys in the Catskills of New York.

I want all outdoor enthusiasts and companies to experience everything the outdoors has to offer. And if I can help put those pieces in place, then that will be my measure of success.

203.233.8006 | GBastek@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

George Kiefer’s Bio


George Kiefer
Sr. Field Sales Director

I was blessed to grow up on a small farm in southwestern Wisconsin. Trade-offs for breaking stock tank ice in below zero winters and pitching endless bales of hay was the opportunity to hunt and fish during free time. I hunted nearby woods and fields for endless limits of squirrels and pheasants, followed by coonhounds on frosty fall nights and harvested Mallards on the Mississippi River bottoms while still stalking Whitetails in the hardwood forests.

My passion for hunting and fishing led me to a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management and a Master’s Degree in Resource Management. At the crossroads of becoming a Wisconsin Wildlife Officer or a University Extension Agent faculty member responsible for bringing the resources of the University to outlying communities, I chose to be a University Extension Agent (also referred to as a County Agent). This allowed me to work in land use planning, soil conservation, forestry and outdoor education.

A related opportunity with Colorado State University opened up and the attraction of the Rocky Mountains, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and gold medal Trout fishing was more than I could resist. My time with Colorado State University pointed to other business opportunities which allowed me the freedom to hunt and fish in some of the best environments in North and Central America.

I have been an independent contractor and small business owner for 35 years. I have developed a skill set that includes direct sales, public relations, marketing, working with product suppliers, units of government and serving the public. I look forward to directing my experience toward a new aspiration or course.

The Outdoor Group Inc. presents an opportunity that allows me to expand and share my passion for the outdoors with like-minded sportsmen. I welcome this new challenge to share the resources of the Company to all who wish a quality experience in the world of hunting and fishing.

For World-Class sporting services contact George Kiefer at The Outdoor Group, Inc.

720.301.1239 | GKiefer@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Greg Royse’s Bio

Greg Royse

Greg Royse-President
The Prime Placement Group, LLC
Affiliate of NuBiz Sporting Sales & Marketing
Division of The Outdoor Group, Inc.

After retiring from a successful 20 year enlistment in the United States Air Force, The Prime Placement Group, LLC was organized in 2002 by Greg, where his main focus was recruiting professionals in the Agriculture and Animal Health industries. In 2007 he made a decision to accept a position and to work full time in the outdoor industry, selling shooting sports, archery and fishing products to the dealer base in the Southeastern U.S. Greg worked his way up to National Account Manager for a major fishing and firearm distributor. He decided to couple his staffing and outdoor industry experience and re-open The Prime Placement Group. Because of his passion for the hunting and fishing traditions, it was a logical decision to provide staffing solutions for outdoor focused companies.

Greg said, “The goal of The Prime Placement Group is to help companies in the hunting, fishing, and shootings sports hire and retain quality top level employees. I take great pride in how we help companies discover and attract the talent needed to take them to the next level, while helping job seekers take the next promising step in their career journey. Because of my background within both of these industries, companies can count on us to fill key positions in our ever changing industry.”

About The Prime Placement Group, LLC: The Prime Placement Group is an executive recruiting firm. The company specializes in job placement for executives, management, sales, business development, marketing, technical and professional personnel in the firearms, hunting, fishing, and all outdoor industries.

803.399.1563 /GRoyse@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com

Wendy Hart’s Bio

Wendy Hart

Wendy Hart
Senior Travel Program Director

Wendy has been active in the Travel Industry for over 25 years. She and her siblings grew up in rural Colorado and Alaska. Her grandparents were seasoned travelers and always had a new copy of National Geographic around, her father had a deep love for nature and the outdoors and her mother is an accomplished artist. This varied environment, along with growing up in the rugged Alaskan outdoors fostered an environment that stamped her with a curious and adventuresome spirit. Wendy found herself enrolled in travel school at the young age of 17, with a passion to see new horizons and a drive to expose herself to and learn from different cultures. Throughout her adult life, travel has fulfilled her for new experiences.

Wendy’s life has afforded her many luxury experiences, and allowed her to work with a variety of clientele and client needs. Throughout her career she has booked travel for celebrities, high profile executives, corporate and vacation travelers. Wendy utilizes her experience and insight when customizing travel for her clientele. Whether the desire is tranquil, robust, or refined, she partners closely to design life-enriching opportunities. No trip is either too big or too small and each is created as a custom experience for her clients. Wendy knows it’s the care and extensive knowledge that is put into each and every trip that creates memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

For all of your luxury sporting travel contact Wendy Hart at The Outdoor Group, Inc. by phone at 303-501-6391 or by email at WHart@TheOutdoorGroupInc.com.