A Letter of Introduction


Sporting travelers are by definition a very unique group of passionate outdoorsmen and women. They travel to far reaches of the globe in search of sporting adventures that will fill their souls and stimulate their primal instincts much like Hemingway experienced over eighty years ago. Although our inner calling for outdoor adventure remains much the same for us today as it was for Hemingway, the way we travel does not.

We respectfully acknowledge that you have achieved personal and professional success by making careful choices. A lifetime of hard work and sacrifice has earned you the right to enjoy a lifestyle that demands only the finest things. You expect the best and anything less is not an option. Why then should you settle for anything less from a company that acts as your private concierge scheduling your itinerary to access the most elite sporting destinations around the globe. When every detail matters and must be seamlessly handled without compromise, Celebrities, and VIP’s have all put their trust in…“Celebrity Sporting Concierge”, an all inclusive personal and private luxury concierge service for the affluent sporting traveler.

We are proudly partnered with only the most trusted names in the sporting travel industry including branded companies offering the highest quality products and services. Our unparalleled record of satisfied clients has not happened by accident. We are blessed in that our clients are personally referred to us or by way of private invitation only. Our intimate list of clients allows us to provide them with the elite personal service they are accustomed to. This in-part has positioned us as the leader in the luxury sporting travel industry for this rarefied demographic.

I personally invite you to explore the offerings and benefits that our exclusive concierge service provides including those products and services of our partner companies. Whether it’s by private invitation or trusted referral, I look forward to learning about the type of sporting adventures you’re passionate about and welcome you into our family of satisfied clients whom so naturally evolve into lifelong personal friendships.

It’s with great anticipation I have in sharing memorable sporting adventures with you from extraordinary destinations around the world.

Travel well,
— Bob Svetich, Chairman/CEO


About Celebrity Sporting Concierge

C.S.C. offers all inclusive personal and private concierge services for Celebrities and VIP’s at “no cost to our clients.” We have partnered with leaders in the sporting travel industry to provide exclusive access to the most elite sporting destinations around the globe. For those looking for trustworthy advice including taking the guesswork out of booking premier sporting adventures worldwide, Celebrity Sporting Concierge is the wise choice for the affluent sporting traveler. We accept clients by personal invitation or trusted referrals only.

Exclusive Services

As your personal concierge, C.S.C. is committed to providing unsurpassed personal and private concierge services to our affluent clients. We are intimately familiar with the details of every sporting travel experience, and stand ready to answer your questions and otherwise aid in a turnkey, seamless process that begins with conveniently arranging all your travel needs. From scheduling commercial flights or private jet service and executive ground transportation, to arranging for special health and dietary requirements, we are at the ready to cater to your every need simply by calling your personal travel concierge.


We understand and respect the importance you place on your privacy. It is our upmost promise to you that your privacy and anonymity will be protected by every means possible. We adhere to strict protocols in seeing that your identity is protected and your travel experience is without harassment or delay. We take the necessary measures to assure that you will have a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Client Benefits

Whether you are an actor, recording artist, or professional athlete, the last thing you need to worry about is handling all the details of your next sporting adventure. That’s where we can help. Just tell us what type of sporting adventure interests you and based on your criterion we we’ll make recommendations and provide you with information on our exclusive sporting venues for you to consider. Then once you decide on a venue, we will provide you with a customized travel proposal for consideration. Upon your approval we will then personally assist you with scheduling your travel itinerary.

You’ll enjoy:

  • Personally Selected & Approved Luxury Sporting Venues Worldwide
  • Private & Personal Concierge Services
  • Secure Access to our V.I.P. Back Room
  • Anonymity, Privacy, and Security
  • Ultimate Sporting Adventures

Personalized Service

We understand the trend in the travel industry is self-service on-line booking. However we recognize and strongly believe our high-profile clients deserve individualized, professional one-on-one service. As our valued client you can be assured we will provide you with personalized service and that all your questions will be answered by your personal concierge dedicated to making your sporting travel experience easy and hassle free.

Discover the Celebrity Sporting Concierge Difference

One of the best ways to determine if a personal travel concierge service is right for you is to first ask yourself what level of importance do you place on your time and trust in the outfitter you are considering for your sporting adventure. After all, there will most likely be a considerable financial commitment on your part in participating in your sporting adventure, not to mention all the intricacies that go along with planning your travel itinerary. You have made wise decisions regarding seeking professional assistance for your business affairs, doesn’t it make sense to extend that same consideration when it comes to your sporting travel?

Only our clients have access beyond this point into the secured area of our website via their own private password and access code. This secure entry provides them access to explore our “V.I.P. Back Room” that allows them to view our exclusive luxury sporting destinations, industry partners, and V.I.P. red carpet events.