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The Outdoor Group, Inc. Partners with Marco Polo Outfitters.

Marco Polo Outfitters

LOVELAND, COLORADO (December 18, 2014) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have signed an exclusive agreement with Marco Polo Outfitters as their high-end firearms dealer of choice.

Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “I am proud to partner with Carter Finnell and Marco Polo Outfitters. Carter has earned the respect and trust of his clients and his knowledge of high-end firearms is unsurpassed. Our respective clientele are similar in that they demand the highest quality and service and are happy to invest for that level of luxury. I look forward to a long and successful working relationship with Marco Polo Outfitters.”

Marco Polo Outfitters is the premier high-end gun dealer in the Midwest, specializing in high-end hunting rifles and target shotguns. Owner Carter Finnell provides a unique experience for his clients in purchasing specialty firearms from his store in Chesterfield, Missouri. Above all else, Marco Polo Outfitters brings expertise and World-Class customer service to help their clients maximize their shooting experience. There are many critical elements to achieving an optimal fit for your shotgun or rifle.

Marco Polo Outfitters can insure that their clients achieve their shooting goals through proper gun fit and instruction.  Sportsmen from all over the World seek the advice and knowledge of Mr. Finnell when purchasing and fitting their newly acquired sporting shotgun or rifle from Marco Polo Outfitters.

Marco Polo Outfitters can insure that their clients achieve their shooting goals through proper gun fit and instruction. Sportsmen from all over the World seek the advice and knowledge of Mr. Finnell when purchasing and fitting their newly acquired sporting shotgun or rifle from Marco Polo Outfitters.

Mr. Finnell was born in Calgary Alberta, Canada and from a young age was exposed to hunting and fishing through his father and grandfather. Since those early days Mr. Finnell has developed an extensive resume of hunting and fishing experiences throughout the world. Mr. Finnell continues to actively pursue wild game around the world as well as compete in the clay target sports.

His favorite shotgun sport is the game of Skeet. Two of Mr. Finnell’s most recent hunting experiences were going on Safari with his son to Namibia this past summer and participating in shooting a film on hunting Fallow Deer in Hungary this past fall.

Marco Polo Office

Mr. Finnell commented on the partnership with The Outdoor Group, Inc., “Marco Polo Outfitters is very excited about the opportunity to partner with The Outdoor Group, Inc. This special partnership will afford our discerning clientele a new resource for booking their luxury sporting travel adventures.”

Talks between the two companies have been going on for several months and some of the terms of the working partnership have been disclosed. The Outdoor Group, Inc. will refer their discerning clientele to Marco Polo Outfitters for all of their high-end sporting shotgun and rifle needs. In exchange, Marco Polo Outfitters will refer their discerning clientele to The Outdoor Group, Inc. to book their luxury sporting travel Worldwide. Additionally, both companies have discussed hosting celebrity shooting events throughout the country that will be open to the public on a limited basis.

To contact Marco Polo Outfitters call 636.530.7960 or by e-mail at /

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Signs Pact with Conductor Productions

Conductor Productions

LOVELAND, COLORADO (December 16, 2014) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have signed an agreement with Conductor Productions as their new business development company of record.

Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “When Conductor Productions President Noah Lydiard reached out to me to learn if we had an interest to assist their young company in building revenue with an emphasis in the outdoor and luxury sporting brands, I answered yes if their goal is to be World-Class. After several conversations with Noah I realized their commitment, resources, and level of expertise are in place to deliver World-Class production services. I’m truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a talented group of professionals.”

Conductor is a live-action media production company that works with advertising agencies, brands and corporate clients who endeavor to create high impact television commercials, branded content, and corporate films that entertain and engage audiences. Conductor’s staff consists of seasoned producers, directors and creatives who work with clients to bring their ideas for great marketing and advertising videos to life. Their goal is simple, to use great storytelling and cutting edge technology to create memorable films that will build significant brand awareness.

With more video being produced today than at anytime in history, it is easy to get lost in the clutter. Conductor aims to cut through the noise by consistently delivering high-quality, intelligent, story driven content that appeals to audiences and consumers. They specialize in traditional formats such as television commercials, and in non-traditional formats such as brand sponsored films and documentaries, web and viral programs. “It’s not enough to shoot a little video or commercial and release it with any real expectation of return. If you want to reach your audience you need to make truly engaging, high-production value work,” says Noah. To do this, Conductor structures elite teams of experienced filmmakers who can relate to the stategic imperatives of the clients, while focusing on creating great films.

Conductor Productions

Noah Lydiard is the president of Conductor Productions. He is an executive producer and director by profession who has created video content for brands including Cadillac, Boston Beer Company, Converse, Rockport, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. He has worked extensively for brands, production companies and advertising agencies as an original content creator.

He recently started Conductor Productions and since opening in March, Conductor’s teams have done broadcast work for Toyota, Putnam Investments, Brother International, Reebok and for dozens of local and regional products. In addition, Mr. Lydiard is an Executive Producer on the television series The Baymen Life, and is directing a feature film scheduled to shoot summer 2015. A former rugby player and wrestler, when not enjoying time with his wife and kids you’ll find him staying active in the Crossfit gym, hunting, fishing or on the golf course.

Mr. Lydiard comments about aligning with The Outdoor Group, Inc.; “After several great conversations with Bob Svetich I knew that he and The Outdoor Group, Inc. would be the perfect partners to help Conductor engage the types of customers we want to reach. So many of our interests line up not the least of which are outdoor sports and luxury brands whose CMO understand the value of high caliber work. It was clear to us that The Outdoor Group, Inc. is dedicated to doing excellent work with the best and most reputable brands. Conductor has exactly the same mission.”

For inquiries and consideration for your project proposals contact Mr. Lydiard at Conductor Productions 617.262.1400 ext.103 or by e-mail: /

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Partners with Hart Travel International

Wendy Hart

Wendy Hart
Hart Travel Int’l

LOVELAND, COLORADO (December 11, 2014) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have signed an exclusive agreement with Hart Travel International.

Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “I’m proud to align with Hart Travel International as our luxury travel agency of choice. This strategic partner-ship assures our discerning clientele that their travel experience will be World-Class. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Wendy Hart’s agency.”

Hart Travel International is an independent affiliate of Andavo Travel, and thus a member of the Virtuoso network. Being a member of Virtuoso gives their clients VIP status around the world, qualifying for special amenities, upgraded hotel rooms, and unique experiences that are not available to the ordinary traveler. Owner Wendy Hart says that staying connected and up to date in the luxury travel market is a top priority, and is accomplished through knowledgeable colleagues, industry connections, attendance of trade shows and firsthand experience.

Wendy Hart has been active in the Travel Industry for over 25 years. She and her siblings grew up in rural Colorado and Alaska. Her grandpar-ents were seasoned travelers and always had a new copy of National Geo-graphic around, her father had a deep love for nature and the outdoors and her mother is an accomplished artist. This varied environment, along with growing up in the rugged Alaskan outdoors fostered an environment that stamped her with a curious and adventuresome spirit. Wendy found herself enrolled in travel school at the young age of 17, with a passion to see new horizons and a drive to expose herself to and learn from different cultures. Throughout her adult life, travel has fulfilled her for new experiences.

Wendy in Cabo

Wendy’s life has afforded her many luxury experiences, and allowed her to work with a variety of clientele and client needs. Throughout her career she has booked travel for celebrities, high profile execu-tives, corporate and vacation travelers. Wendy utilizes her experi-ence and insight when customizing travel for her clientele. Whether the desire is tranquil, robust, or refined, she partners closely to de-sign life-enriching opportunities. No trip is either too big or too small and each is created as a custom experience for her clients. It is the care and extensive knowledge that is put into each and every trip that creates memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

When asked about the partnership Wendy Hart commented; “I’m very excited about the partnership with The Outdoor Group, Inc.! Many of my clients are avid hunters and sportsmen, who also enjoy luxury travel for business purposes and other leisure trips. This partnership allows them to easily transition from work to play with the same high expectations of both.”

For all of your business, leisure, and luxury vacation travel contact Wendy Hart at Hart Travel International. Wendy’s contact num-bers are 303.482.1785 or 303.501.6391 or you can e-mail her at /

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Aligns with “The Baymen Life” TV Show

Baymen Life

LOVELAND, COLORADO (August 15, 2014) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently entered into an agreement with Baymen Guide Service, Inc. for sponsorship sales representation for their new TV show: “The Baymen Life”.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “When Captain David Bitters approached us with his project my first question was…who will be hosting the show? Captain Bitters replied…I will. After only five minutes of conversation with Captain Bitters I knew he had the right personality for the role and what viewers will ultimately connect with.”

Captain Bitters not only has the personality to carry a show, but as the owner of Baymen Guide Service, Inc. for over 20 years he also brings his extensive knowledge and experience as a fishing charter captain.

The Baymen Life is a fishing and outdoor adventure series hosted by Captain Dave Bitters of Duxbury, MA.

Captain Dave is a third-generation New Englander, life-long outdoorsman and passionate angler and sportsman.

The show centers on fishing and hunting adventures on and around saltwater bays and coves in New England, around the country (and the world) as told from the perspective of the hardworking people who make their living as guides, commercial fisherman and hunters on those bays. These hard working folks, otherwise known as Baymen are part of a community that is connected by the single fact that their lives and livelihoods are intimately connected to the bay’s they inhabit.

Baymen Fishing

Each episode, Capt. Dave and crew will travel to a new bay where he will meet a local guide who will give us insight to that area. We will discover tips, secret spots, geographic features, gear, habitats, species and local culture while we hunt for the trophy fish or game animal that is the focus of that weeks adventure.

We’ll take you along with top guides, celebrities and special guests in pursuit of the regions finest fishing or hunting. Capt. Dave will lead the show with his outgoing style and comprehensive knowledge of angling and hunting that have made him famous as one of the region’s top guides for the past twenty years.

Along the way the audience will meet the true characters, dine at some of the finest restaurants or most interesting dives, and learn about the diverse wildlife species along the New England coast – all the while being entertained by one of New England’s most personable, interesting and charismatic television hosts. Further more the audience will gain insider access to the world of the Baymen.

“The Baymen Life” TV Show project is headed up by Captain David Bitters who has aligned with Conductor Productions to produce the show.

MindVolt at, has been retained as the Marketing Company for the project.

With production, marketing, and television networks committed, the teams focus now is aligning sponsors with the show.

Since sponsor inquiries are already coming in, early indications are that viewers will enjoy watching “The Baymen Life” sooner rather than later!

Baymen Guide Service is a full-time charter and guide service offering fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventures on the Massachusetts coast,

“Like” their facebook page at:

Baymen Capt. Dave

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Supports our Military!

Go Big or Go Home

Thank you to all of our Military personnel, for your service and dedication to our Country and our Freedom. Be safe in God’s Grace.

The Sporting Life Radio Show Makes Major Announcement!


LOVELAND, COLORADO (June 26, 2014) – It was a year ago June 22, 2013 when The Sporting Life Radio Show broadcasted its inaugural show. Now after a full year of programming the show will air its last broadcast of the season on Talk Radio 630 KHOW Saturday June 28, 2014.

From its inception, this popular show has been successfully branded as “The Magic Hour in Radio” that took the outdoor sporting community by storm and never looked back. With a star studded line-up of high-profile celebrity guests including well known industry professionals, listenership ski-rocketed as a national audience tuned in every week for the best in sporting entertainment. So why is The Sporting Life Show ending? Host/Producer Bob Svetich comments; “I’ve been blessed to be working in an industry that I’m passionate about. When you work at something you love, it doesn’t seem like work so you keep at it even though you know you’re running on fumes. I tried to remember the last time I took a vacation and I came up blank. If you can’t remember the last time that you took a vacation it’s probably time to take one!

Bob on Horse

I’m going to take some time off to fish, hunt, and ride my horse. I owe a big thank you to all of the guests that have appeared on my show and to my sponsors and loyal listeners. I’ve also enjoyed working with everyone at KHOW. They’re a very talented group of professionals.”

When we prodded a little deeper to ask if the show will be making a return to the airwaves anytime soon here’s what we learned. Mr. Svetich said the show will be back bigger and better than ever but didn’t say exactly when. However, Svetich did allude to the possibility of the show re-airing sooner rather than later. There are a number of major radio and outdoor cable television networks that have approached Mr. Svetich with some very interesting options.

Listeners tune in to the radio or listen on the web and their numbers are at an all time high. Celebrity guest appearances are now backed-up on a waiting list, and national sponsors are calling to invest in the show to promote their products and services. After a phenomenal inaugural year, The Sporting Life Radio Show is perfectly positioned to have an extraordinary second season… stay tuned!

For advertising opportunities contact: The Outdoor Group, Inc.

970.593.2938 /

John “Hondo” Havlicek Scores Big At Bimini Big Game Club

LOVELAND, COLORADO (April 21, 2014) – The former Boston Celtics basketball star and Hall of Famer continues his scoring ways even though he hung up his sneakers thirty-six years ago. Now, instead of playing on the famous parquet floor of the old Boston Garden, his venue of choice last week was the legendary fishing destination and old stomping grounds of novelist Earnest Hemingway, Bimini Big Game Club in Bimini, Bahamas. You see it wasn’t basketball that was on Mr. Havlicek’s mind, instead it was Bonefish.

The Sporting Life Radio show Host/Producer and The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich met up with the great Celtics star at his winter home in south Florida on their way to catch a private float plane to Bimini, Bahamas. Svetich originally made the fishing invitation to Havlicek last year when the former Celtic great was a guest on Svetich’s popular radio show. Scheduling conflicts being what they are, it wasn’t until several weeks ago that Svetich learned via a call to Mr. Havlicek that the stars would line up for such a trip.

The General Manager of Bimini Big Game Club Michael Weber hosted Havlicek and Svetich along with the clubs Public Relations professional John Bell. Mr. Bell happens to be from the same town that Havlicek grew up Martins Ferry, Ohio and the two shared hometown stories of days gone by. Havlicek and Svetich along with their fishing guide Tommy left the docks right after breakfast on the first day and it didn’t take Havlicek long to score, boating a twenty-two pound Permit that took over thirty minutes to land. After a hearty lunch and much needed nap the duo headed back out to the flats that afternoon. Again it was Havlicek that scored early and often boating five bones including one very large bone that never made it to the boat. The largest bone caught weighed a respectable seven pounds others averaged between four to six pounds. The second day brought high winds and rain which slowed the fishing considerably.

Svetich comments; “Fishing with John was a great pleasure and learning experience. John is a knowledgeable fisherman and is as competitive as ever. Not only was John a great athlete during his playing days, but after spending some quality time with him he is an even greater person.”

“On stamina alone he’d be among the top players who ever played the game,” longtime New York Knicks Coach Red Holzman once said of John “Hondo” Havlicek. “It would’ve been fair to those who had to play him or those who had to coach against him if he had been blessed only with his inhuman endurance. God had to compound it by making him a good scorer, smart
ballhandler and intelligent defensive player with quickness of mind, hands and feet.”

The 6-5 Boston Celtics star was a perpetual-motion machine, a human dynamo who was legendary for wearing out opponents with his relentless baseline-to-baseline efforts. A star at both forward and guard, Havlicek’s versatility made him perhaps the finest all-around player in the history of the NBA, according to Sports Illustrated.

A key member of two generations of Celtics, Havlicek provided the spark off the bench during the Celtics’ dynasty years of the 1960’s. During the 1970’s he was the trusted veteran who captained youthful teams to championships in 1974 and 1976.

Known for clutch performances in big games, Havlicek posted impressive numbers during his illustrious 16-year career. In 1,270 regular-season games he scored 26,395 points and averaged 20.8 points to rank as the Celtics’ all-time leading scorer and top scorer in NBA history. He also grabbed 8,007 rebounds, recorded 6,114 assists, and played on eight Boston championship teams. He appeared in 13 consecutive NBA All-Star Games, earned 11 selections to the All-NBA First or Second Team and was named to the NBA All-Defensive First or Second Team eight times.

The child of Czechoslovakian immigrants, Havlicek was born in the small town of Martins Ferry, Ohio, home to coal miners and steel workers. As a boy he loved to run, sprinting to and from school or from one mile marker to another on a local highway. He once said that he was forced to keep up with his bike-riding pals on foot because his parents refused to let him have a bicycle.

At Bridgeport High School, Havlicek starred in basketball, baseball and football. An All-State selection in all three sports, he was a highly recruited quarterback who could throw the ball 80 yards. He chose Ohio State but did not play football. Although he did play baseball and batted over .400 in his freshman year, he focused on basketball. A collegiate All-American, Havlicek scored 14.6 points per game in three varsity seasons, playing on Buckeyes teams with Jerry Lucas, Bobby Knight and future Celtics teammate Larry Siegfried. Havlicek’s Ohio State teams compiled a 78-6 record and won an NCAA Championship in 1960.

After his senior season Havlicek was drafted into two professional sports leagues. The NFL’s Cleveland Browns selected him in the seventh round of the 1962 NFL Draft, and the NBA’s Boston Celtics nabbed him in the first round of the NBA Draft. The Browns, impressed with Havlicek’s athletic ability and his 6-5, 205-pound frame, tried him at wide receiver. He played in several exhibition games that summer before being released by the team in favor of future All-Pro Gary Collins.

Havlicek turned his attention to the Celtics, who had taken him with the last pick of the first round. Boston already had Bill Russell manning the post, and Celtics Coach Red Auerbach later said that his expectations of Havlicek had been modest; he had simply wanted a player to eventually fill the sixth-man role held by veteran Frank Ramsey.

When Havlicek joined the Celtics in 1962 they had won four consecutive NBA titles. Boston was loaded with talent, but star players such as Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman, Ramsey, and Jim Loscutoff were in the final stages of their careers. Havlicek’s youthful physical intensity was like a shot of adrenaline for the aging team. Coming off the bench mostly as a forward, he averaged 14.3 points during his rookie year, many of them coming at the receiving end of Cousy’s famous passes on the fast break. “I made a living off Bob Cousy,” Havlicek often said.

An NBA All-Rookie Team selection for 1962-63, Havlicek displayed great hustle and tenacious defense, but he didn’t impress everyone in his first season. According to Sports Illustrated, Cousy assessed him as a “non-shooter who would probably burn himself out.” But Havlicek possessed awesome physical skills. Among the first of the great swingmen, he combined brute force with quickness. At 6-5 he could overpower most guards, yet he was quicker than most forwards.

He also had the inner drive that characterized “Celtics pride.” After his first year Havlicek went home and worked hard to improve both his outside shooting and his dribbling. The next season he led the team in scoring, averaging 19.9 ppg and he showed that he was ready to assume Ramsey’s position as the Celtics’ all-important sixth man. Despite Cousy’s retirement, Boston won 59 games in 1963-64 and vanquished the San Francisco Warriors in five games for the NBA crown. Havlicek made the All-NBA Second Team.

For the next five seasons Havlicek was the best nonstarter in basketball. As Boston’s “supersub” he came in at either guard or forward and was usually on the court at the end of a game. Along with Russell, Havlicek routinely accumulated the most playing minutes among the Celtics during a season.

Havlicek didn’t mind the sixth-man role. “It never bothered me,” he once said, “because I think that role is very important to a club.. One thing I learned from Red Auerbach was that it’s not who starts the game, but who finishes it, and I generally was around at the finish.”

During the 1960s Havlicek proved that Cousy had misjudged him. The “nonshooter” had blossomed into an offensive force who could be counted on to score 18 to 21 points per game. Havlicek could hit from anywhere and excelled at shooting on the run. He showcased his talents at the 1968 NBA All-Star Game, in which he racked up 26 points in 22 minutes. In addition, his improved ballhandling made him just as effective at guard as at forward.

Nor did Havlicek burn out as Cousy had predicted. The “man in motion,” as he was dubbed in a book title, continued to run defenders into the ground. It was once estimated that he ran three to five miles per game.

The quiet, even-tempered Havlicek didn’t cut an imposing figure, but he had the broad-shouldered, sinewy frame of a steelworker. He also brought tremendous self-discipline and a methodical approach to tasks. When a reporter made fun of his habit of keeping his socks on a hanger in the locker room, Havlicek defended his fastidiousness in Sports Illustrated. “I’m a man of routine and discipline,” he explained. “My socks have to dry out. My whole life has been thought out.”

In addition to his impressive statistics, Havlicek showed great poise. At crucial moments when a decisive play had to be made, it was “Havlicek time.” A classic example of his clutch performing occurred in the seventh game of the 1965 Eastern Division Finals against the Philadelphia 76ers. With only five seconds left in the game, he deflected an inbounds pass from Hal Greer to save a one-point Celtics victory, prompting broadcaster Johnny Most’s legendary call, “Havlicek steals it. Over to Sam Jones. Havlicek stole the ball! It’s all over! Johnny Havlicek stole the ball!”

In 1968, during another seventh game against the Sixers in the division finals, he scored 40 points at Philadelphia to help Boston to a 100-96 victory. Later, in the pivotal Game 5 of the 1976 NBA Finals, he sank a miraculous, game-saving basket against Phoenix in the closing seconds of the second overtime to force a third extra period. The Celtics outlasted the Suns, 128-126, and went on to win the championship.

By the end of the 1968-69 season it had become clear that the Celtics’ old order was passing. K. C. Jones had already retired, Sam Jones was 36 years old, Russell was 35, and “Satch” Sanders was 30. The team finished in fourth place during the regular season. In need of his firepower, the Celtics looked to Havlicek for scoring, and he responded with 21.6 points per game. With a strong effort from Havlicek in the playoffs, Boston’s graybeards defeated Wilt Chamberlain and the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games to capture the NBA title. It was the Celtics’ sixth championship in Havlicek’s seven seasons.

The 1969-70 campaign put an end to the Celtics’ dynasty. With Russell and Jones retired, the team failed to make the playoffs for the first time in 20 years. Under new coach Tom Heinsohn, Havlicek became a starter and the hub of Boston’s offense. He had a sensational year, accomplishing the rare feat of leading his team in three categories: scoring (24.2 ppg), rebounding (7.8 rpg), and assists (6.8 apg). He ranked eighth in the league in scoring and seventh in assists.

Havlicek, whose nickname, Hondo, was inspired by the John Wayne movie of the same name, led a Celtics comeback during the early 1970s. In 1970-71 and 1971-72 he averaged 28.9 and 27.5 points, respectively. Despite having turned 30 years old in 1970, he led the league in minutes played for both of those seasons, averaging more than 45 minutes per game.

As the one remaining star from the Celtics’ past, Havlicek became captain of a team that now included Jo Jo White, Don Chaney, and newcomer Dave Cowens. Employing a fast break that brought back memories of Cousy’s Celtics, Boston rolled through the 1972-73 season with a 68-14 record.

The Celtics might have won an NBA title that year, but misfortune struck when Havlicek severely injured his shoulder in the third game of the Eastern Conference Finals against the New York Knicks. He made a valiant return later in the series, but the Knicks ousted the Celtics in seven games. Prior to the fourth game at Madison Square Garden, the New York fans gave Havlicek a spontaneous standing ovation when he appeared in street clothes.

Five years after Russell’s retirement the Celtics returned to the top of the NBA by beating the Milwaukee Bucks for the league title in 1974. Voted NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, Havlicek was now recognized as the leader of the new generation of Celtics. Customarily stoic, he became emotional after the triumph, according to The New York Times. “Thanks for doing this for me,” he said, as he hugged and kissed teammates in the Boston dressing room after the final game. “This is the greatest one.”

John Havlicek and Bob Svetich

The following season Havlicek continued his whirlwind offense and defense. The New York Times reported that after watching him put on a one-man show against the Knicks one evening, Bill Russell was heard to say, “The man is crazy. One of these days he’ll find he can’t do it anymore.” But Havlicek was able to do it right up until the end. He played in all 82 games and averaged more than 16 points during his final campaign in 1977-78, despite turning 38 in midseason. His last year was a dismal one for the Celtics, however, as they fell to the Atlantic Division basement. But Hondo was treated to a two-month farewell tour in which fans flocked to arenas to pay tribute.

Havlicek retired with a slew of impressive statistics. He was the NBA’s all-time leader in games played at the time. He also ranked in the NBA’s top 10 in minutes played and in total points. At the end of his career Havlicek had so many championship rings that he could have opened a jewelry store. He had been on eight Boston championship teams, six with Russell and two without. In 1980 he was named to the NBA 35th Anniversary All-Time Team. In 1983 he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, and in 1996 he was named to the NBA 50th Anniversary All-Time Team.

Jerry West told Sports Illustrated, “The guy is the ambassador of our sport. John always gave his very best every night and had time for everybody-teammates, fans, the press.” Cowens added, “You tell me how many class guys there are like him anywhere. They ought to retire his number from the whole NBA. Just take 17 and stash it up there in lights.”

But the highest compliment may have come during a halftime salute in his final game at Boston Garden, in which Havlicek, in typical fashion, scored 29 points. “He epitomizes everything good,” said Celtics General Manager Red Auerbach in The New York Times. “If I had a son like John I’d be the
happiest man in the world.”

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Attends 42nd Annual SCI Convention

2014 SCI Convention Floor

LOVELAND, COLORADO (February 09, 2014) – The Safari Club International Convention is the Ultimate Hunters Market. One only needs to enter the doors of the exhibitor areas to realize how true this statement is. Thousands of exhibitors from across the globe showcased their products and services at this extraordinary annual event, now in its forty-second year.

This year the SCI Convention was held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Convention Center where thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts gathered to attend educational seminars, book hunting trips, and purchase every imaginable hunting related products known to mankind. If enjoying professional entertainment was on your list of things to do while attending the convention, SCI did not disappoint. With such names as Jeff Foxworthy, Big & Rich, Chicago, and BritBeat, attendees were entertained Vegas style and then some.

Craig Kauffman and Bob Svetich

The SCI Convention is not only The Ultimate Hunters Market, but equally a place to see old friends and make new ones. Whether for business, pleasure or both, the SCI Convention provides an opportunity to share the sporting lifestyle with others that share the same passion.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. was represented at this year’s convention by the company’s Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich. The company’s senior executive was there on behalf of his client White Wing Label, to introduce their product line that has taken the high-end sporting luggage and equipment industry by storm. High-end lodges, sporting venues and firearm companies have an interest in a “private label” partnership opportunity with WWL. You can learn more about WWL by visiting their website at To receive pertinent information about White Wings Label’s “private label” opportunity please contact The Outdoor Group, Inc. at 970.593.2938.

Craig Boddington and Bob Svetich

Svetich had more on his agenda at this year’s convention as we learned when he was asked to describe what his two days here in Vegas would consist of; “Mostly a lot of work but I always take time to see my old friends and make new ones. That’s what I most enjoy about being in this business…the people. They are truly like family members. Meeting up with friends such as SCI President Craig Kauffman, world-renowned wildlife artist and conservationist John Banovich and legendary hunter and author Craig Boddington, makes a business trip to this convention more like attending a big backyard picnic. I’m truly blessed to be in this business.”

John Banovich and Bob Svetich

One of the highlights of the convention was at the reception for John Banovich as he celebrated his 20 year partnership with SCI. Although Banovich and his paintings are always in demand from attendees wanting to visit with the talented artist, the real stars of the show were two adorable Cheetah cubs that Banovich brought in for the convention. It was standing room only at the spacious Banovich booth as the artist talked about the lives of Cheetahs in the wild and what needs to be done in order to insure their existence. It was truly a memorable experience for everyone in attendance.

Although the 2014 SCI Convention has just concluded, it’s not too early to register for next year’s event. The 2015 convention will again be held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino Convention Center February 4th through February 7th. For Information and registration contact SCI International Headquarters 520.620.1220.