Rattlesnakes & Hailstorms & Turkeys OH MY!
BY BOB SVETICH More than we bargained for.


The alarm clock rang loudly at 4am wakening me after only 5 hours sleep. As I sat up in bed in the upper bedroom of my son and daughter in-laws 1900’s ranch house, I reminded myself I’m getting to old for this. But with sounds of gobbling turkeys dancing in my head it was enough motivation to push through the comatose state I was in. The smell of freshly ground hazelnut coffee already brewing permeated the upper floor, as I made my way down to the kitchen where my son Jason along with an even stronger aroma of roasted coffee beans greeted me a pleasant…good morning! Opening morning of the 2017 turkey hunting season is underway and the forecast calls for sunny skies with temps in the mid to upper 70’s, unusually warm for this time of year in Eastern Colorado.

My son and I had hunted turkeys together once before in Nebraska when he shot a nice mature Tom but it’s been several years since we’ve last teamed up to go after these wary birds. I’ve taken turkeys both with a shotgun and bow but since I’ve not had enough time to practice with my archery equipment, I will be using my 12 gauge 870 Remington Super Express Magnum with a Strut Stopper XTREME Chock Tube, loaded with Federal Premium Magnum Turkey Loads 3 ½ inches 2 ¼ oz. 4 shot. This should be enough medicine to put any mature Tom on his posterior…at least that’s what I was hoping for.

After a hearty ranch style breakfast Jason and I loaded up his six-seater side-by-side Polaris with all of our gear and headed to our personally constructed ground blind that we built a few weeks earlier after verifying photos of turkeys using the area from a game camera we installed on an old fence post. Turkey tracks also covered the area so we knew we were in a good location sitting between two roosts some 300 yards away on either side of our ground blind. After a short ride to our blind, getting our decoy spread sit up with a single Jake and two Hens was first on our to-do list. As we got settled into our blind anticipation grew with each passing minute watching the sky lighten as the sounds of nature greeted the new dawn. A healthy population of Ducks and Geese serenaded us on the nearby lake only a stones through from our blind. As the dawn broke the eastern sky the turkeys had now flown down from their roosts and we began our calling sequence. Unless we heard an immediate response to our yelps and clucks, our strategy was to call every 30 minutes or so just to let a wondering Tom know of our location and decoy spread. After two hours passed no responses greeted our calls, but from photos on the game camera, Jason and I knew that turkeys frequented the area throughout the day so they could show up at anytime. Then out of nowhere the silence of the early morning was broken when what sounded like a stampede of horses, actually was a herd of over 20 whitetail deer came running by our blind not ever knowing we were inside. As the deer ran by us and into the trees along the lake, I told Jason how much I enjoyed being in the out-of-doors with the sounds, smells, and wildlife viewing that I sorely miss while in the office running my company.

We had sat in our ground blind until early afternoon with not one sign or sound of a turkey. To say the least Jason and I were disappointed shaking our heads in disbelief. We talked about a new strategy and decided to head over to the river bottom located on another part of Jason’s ranch. We’ve seen turkeys using the area and thought we would get on top of one of the ridges overlooking the river bottom and glass the entire area. It was now about 1:30pm as we stopped the side-by-side at a vantage point overlooking the lower end of the river bottom. It had warmed up to the mid 70’s by now, perfect weather for all things reptile.

[ Prairie Rattlesnakes are the most common and the largest rattlesnake in Colorado reaching sizes of 3.5 feet in length ]

After thoroughly glassing the lower area we didn’t see any turkeys. Then we drove up to a higher ridge to overlook the upper river bottom. As we got out of the side-by-side and walked towards the rear of the vehicle Jason said he heard what sounded like rattles from a rattlesnake. I told him it was me making noise getting my binoculars out of my turkey hunting vest. He said “wait…don’t move!” He continued to hear the sound of a rattlesnake rattling but was unable to detect exactly where the sound was coming from. Having somewhat of a hearing problem I said to Jason I don’t hear anything. He looked in the direction of a sagebrush plant only a few feet away from where I was standing and said “there he is”,


pointing to the coiled up Prairie Rattlesnake. I jumped up into the bed of the side-by-side and tried to indentify where the snake was. Even after looking in the direction Jason was pointing I still couldn’t make out the location of the snake as he was well camouflaged. I finally saw his tail rattling and located his head with tongue flickering. One step backwards from where I was originally standing and I would have been on my way to the ER for a dose of anti-venom and recovery time. The two and a half foot Prairie Rattlesnake had 6 buttons and a mean disposition. Because it was out of hunting season for these snakes we reluctantly let him slither away among the sagebrush. Prairie rattlesnakes are the most common and the largest rattlesnake in Colorado, reaching sizes of 3.5 feet in length.

Once our heart rate returned to somewhat of a normal level, we vowed to wear our snake guards the next time out as we crested the ridge to glass for any turkeys that may be in the upper river bottom. Immediately we noticed a strutting Tom 400 yards away. After the recent snake encounter we didn’t want to approach the turkey through the sagebrush. We decided to drive to the lower river bottom and stalk the turkey walking the sand to avoid the sagebrush. It would be the long way around to the turkey’s location but we would be able to approach the bird without having to worry about stepping on an unsuspected rattler. After parking the side-by-side some 500 yards from the bird in the sand of the dried river bottom, we brought one hen decoy with us and began our stalk. After walking only a hundred yards Jason saw some heads of turkey’s among the sagebrush. We quickly ducked down, set up our hen decoy in the dried river bottom and crawled to the sands edge to set up for a shot. Jason had his shotgun ready and I was softly calling with yelps and clucks. The group was all Hens with no Toms or Jakes with them. We sat still as the Hens came within 10 yards of us without ever detecting our position. Once the Hens moved away from us we again began our stalk toward the strutting Tom we glassed from the ridge top. After closing the distance to within 150 yards of the Tom we sit up the Hen decoy and began calling. After about 30 minutes the Tom remained in the same place continuing to strut. We decided to get closer and lessened the distance to within 75 yards. We again set up the Hen decoy and I began to call softly. The Tom began to move toward us. It was difficult to see his movement as the sagebrush and weeds prevented a clear view. After 45 minutes of calling and trying to coax the Tom to us we lost his position which ended the hunt. We ended up back at our ground blind to finish the day of hunting without ever getting a shot. Day one of turkey hunting is in the books and it’s time to reflect on a close call with a Prairie Rattlesnake, and strategize for another day of hunting tomorrow.

Day two started with sunny skies and temps forecasted to reach nearly eighty degrees. The early morning found Jason and I back in our ground blind with the same set of decoys out in front of us some 20 yards. Much like the first morning there were no sign of turkeys anywhere and to add to our frustration, dark and ominous clouds were building just west of us and moving in our direction. Hail Storm Photo It wasn’t long before I told Jason we better pack up and get back to the ranch house before the storm hits. As we drove back to the ranch we could feel the temperature drop several degrees and the winds picked up to over 30 miles an hour. We just got back to the barn when it hit. A huge hailstorm pummeled everything in the storm’s path. For over an hour the storm dropped rain and hail flooding the dirt roads and farm fields. After a couple hours the storm passed and the sun came out to warm and melt the hail the storm dumped on this Eastern Colorado ranching community. Our second day of turkey hunting ended early which wrapped up my first weekend of hunting. I wished Jason good luck as he was scheduled to hunt on his own the following day. As I left the ranch to head home, memories of these last two days of turkey hunting filled my thoughts as I was already mentally preparing for returning the following weekend in my quest to bag a Colorado Gobbler.

As I sat in my office at the computer the following morning, it was difficult to concentrate on business. My mind was still back at the ranch and on Jason wondering how his morning hunt was going. I knew if he was able to connect on a turkey he would text me a photo. Again I would have to be patient much like the discipline it takes when I’m actually on the ground hunting these cagey birds. Hour after hour went by… still no word from Jason. Patient’s is a virtue I reminded myself. Then it happened! At 2:15pm the texted photo came in. No words accompanied the photo, nor were any needed. The photo said it all. Jason had bagged his turkey. I was getting ready to call him to learn of the details of his successful hunt when a business call came in. With turkeys on my mind I hesitated to take the call but came to my senses and I graciously took the call. When I eventually got the chance to call Jason he shared with me of his memorable hunt. After spotting the turkey from a distance he planned a stalk using a shallow creek bed to gain ground on the bird. He closed the distance to within 75 yards and sat next to a small tree. There he called softly and coaxed the bird to within 10 yards. Already aiming in the direction of the birds travel route, Jason had little to do other than put the TRUGLO bead on the 2 year old Jakes head and pull the trigger. The bird was hit hard and expired upon impact. As Jason told this story I could hear the excitement in his voice. It was a true spot and stalk hunt on his ranch in Eastern Colorado. Jason's Turkey My only regret was not being able to be with Jason to experience his exciting hunt as it played out.

I arrived back at the ranch the following Friday with hopes of bagging my bird and filling my tag. It had been raining heavily all day and the sandy country roads were soupy and slick as ice. Once I arrived at the ranch I immediately jumped in the side-by-side and drove to an area where Jason and I had earlier erected my Double Bull Blind in an area where we’ve previously seen turkeys. However I had a gut feeling, so instead of hunting out of the blind in that spot, I took down the blind and loaded it in the side-by-side and drove to another area of Jason’s ranch. On multiple occasions we’ve seen turkeys in this new area including roosting trees located on the southeast side of his ranch. There I found a small tree with deadfall laying around and popped the blind up right there. Two folding chairs for Jason and I was all that was needed and our hunting blind was ready for the morning hunt. Although already tagged out, Jason agreed to join me for moral support on my morning hunt.

It was a cloudy cold morning so we layered up before heading out to the blind. Once we settled in it wasn’t long before we heard gobbling from the roost 125 yards away. I felt confident I would be able to call the Tom’s to our location and decoy spread. As the sky began to lighten our anticipation grew as I began to serenade the birds with soft yelps and clucks. It wasn’t long before we noticed a single Hen walking 40 yards away. No Tom’s yet as we glassed the entire area. After an hour passed another single Hen walked within 20 yards of us slowly making her way out of sight. Again, no Tom’s to be seen anywhere. After a few hours passed with no sounds or sightings of turkeys, we decided to head to the ridges overlooking the river bottom where Jason bagged his turkey a week ago. Once we got to the highest vantage point we began glassing looking for strutting Tom’s. We glassed until our eyes hurt at which point we decided it was time to go back to the ranch house for a hearty lunch. With our stomachs full and bodies feeling the effects of 4am wakeup calls, Jason and I decided resting for awhile made perfect sense.

It was now 3pm when I asked Jason what his afternoon plans were. He said he needed to do some work around the ranch and that I should go out to my blind we sat in earlier that morning and try to pull in a Tom making his way back to his roost that evening. “Sounds like a good plan to me”, I said before taking off in the side-by-side in the direction of my blind. I chose a little hill to place my decoy spread consisting of two Hens and one Jake so that approaching birds could easily see them. Settling into my blind it was now 3:30pm and the afternoon hunt was on.

My sequence of calls came in 20 minute intervals so as not to overcall but to try and convince nearby turkeys they should come over and take a look. Glassing at a tree line some 300 yards away I noticed a single Tom walking on a hillside where I had once seen a Gobbler strutting a week ago. I yelped on a diaphragm mouth call as loud as I could in order for the sound to travel the needed distance to the Tom. After three calling attempts I could only hope the Tom heard my calls and would be lovesick enough to check things out. Thirty minutes passed and not a gobble or sighting of turkeys anywhere. It was now 5:15pm when I looked to my left and saw a turkey head bobbing through the sagebrush. He was coming from down in the river bottom up over a small embankment toward my blind. He was 70 yards away and as I used my binoculars to determine if he was a Jake or a Tom, I quickly noticed a long beard and knew he was a mature bird.

It was now time to lower the volume of my calling utilizing both yelps and purrs in an effort to entice the big Tom into shotgun range. The months of practice calling that I put in will now be tested as the pressure mounted so as not to hit an off note that might scare the bird. The Gobbler sees my decoy spread and is slowly making his way straight to them. He struts for the Hens in my spread trying to coax them to come to him which is the way it works in nature. As turkey hunters we are trying to do the opposite by calling Tom’s to our Hen decoys which is unnatural in the turkey world. Tom’s typically wait for the Hens to come to them not the other way around. Trying to call a Gobbler into shotgun or bow range is one of the greatest challenges in turkey hunting.

Bob's Turkey 2017

As the Tom slowly makes his way to my decoys I get ready for the shot sitting inside of my Double Bull Ground Blind. I end my calling sequence as he is now only 40 yards away. Thoughts are racing through my mind on whether or not to take the shot or wait until he gets closer, if he even does. I can wait no longer as I put the TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Turkey Sight on the Tom’s red head and slowly squeeze the trigger. The powerful 12 gauge magnum roars sending copper-plated extra hard #4 shot pellets downrange hitting its mark. As the recoil of the shot sends me back a bit into my chair the bird flaps its wings before quickly expiring. A clean kill is what all ethical hunters look for and I was pleased I was able to deliver this outcome.

As I left my blind to approach the big Tom I noticed he had a long nine inch beard and one inch spurs. turkey legs, beard, slate call, spent shotgun shell I estimated the bird to be four years old. As I was admiring the iridescent colors on this beautiful bird in the late Colorado afternoon sunlight, I noticed a second beard although short in length. A double bearded Tom provided an exclamation point to my memorable spring turkey hunt.

I called Jason to let him know of my good fortune and would detail the hunt once we met up back at his barn. After telling him all about my hunt, together we breasted the bird and harvested the two large rear legs and thighs.

Not only will my family and I enjoy succulent wild turkey meat, but equally satisfying are the memoires we share as a family and as participants in The Sporting Life.

J.R. Bonser Named Senior Director of Operations…

Bonser Mule Deer

(January 2017) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have named J.R. Bonser Senior Director of Operations. The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “After a year-long search and evaluation process, I have elected to hire Mr. Bonser in this integral position with our company. This particular hire rounds out our phase one expansion plans going into the New Year. Mr. Bonser will oversee operations including P&L responsibilities for all divisions of the company. His business acumen and leadership qualities are essential in achieving our ambitious company goals going forward.”

When asked about his background Mr. Bonser commented; “I grew up on my Grandparents ranch South East of Loveland, Colorado on the Big Thompson River. My early childhood consisted mostly helping with my families’ cow/calf and feeder cattle operation. As a child, I had the privilege of being around horses, cattle and tractors. The best part of my youth years was as soon as the chores were done, my black lab and I were off to the river bottom and/or the gravel pit ponds to fish or waterfowl hunt. Those experiences helped carve a path to what I truly enjoy in life today and that is ranching, hunting and fishing.

Bonser Sheep

In my early 20’s I took a job in the environmental construction industry managing large contaminated projects mostly west of Mississippi. This is where my hunting and fishing expanded from the river bottoms of Colorado to Africa, Canada and Mexico. Meeting with my clients and establishing a friendship with top executives of major oil companies and consulting firms proved to be one of my greatest successes. At the age of 30, I started my own environmental construction company. For the next 10 years we executed environmental contracts with the EPA, State, Local Governments, Major Oil Companies and my favorite… Ducks Unlimited wetland projects. When Bob and I spoke about an opportunity to be a part of The Outdoor Group, Inc. I was all in. Working in the ranching, hunting and fishing industry helping represent an established business such as The Outdoor Group, Inc. is a dream come true.”

Mr. Bonser is also a passionate collector of antique silver mounted horse bits, spurs and pre 1900 saddles. His collection also includes early lever action Winchesters and Colt Single Actions.

Some of Mr. Bonser’s personal hunting highlights include taking an archery Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep in Colorado, Desert Big Horn Sheep in the Baja of Old Mexico, Coues Whitetail Deer and Mule Deer in Sonora Mexico, Cape Buffalo and most of the major African Plains Game in Northern Zimbabwe.

For World-Class luxury sporting services contact Mr. J.R. Bonser at
The Outdoor Group, Inc.

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George Kiefer Named Senior Field Sales Director…


(November 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have named George Kiefer as their Senior Field Sales Director.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are very excited to have George on our team. In addition to being an avid outdoorsman, George brings many years of business and field sales experience and is a true professional. His communication skills and attention to detail will be an asset in working with all of our team members, including providing World-Class sporting services to our discriminating clientele.”

When Mr. Kiefer was asked about his background and his thoughts in joining The Outdoor Group, Inc, he commented; “I was blessed to grow up on a small farm in southwestern Wisconsin. Trade-offs for breaking stock tank ice in below zero winters and pitching endless bales of hay was the opportunity to hunt and fish during free time. I hunted nearby woods and fields for endless limits of squirrels and pheasants, followed by coonhounds on frosty fall nights and harvested Mallards on the Mississippi River bottoms while still stalking Whitetails in the hardwood forests.


My passion for hunting and fishing led me to a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Management and a Master’s Degree in Resource Management. At the crossroads of becoming a Wisconsin Wildlife Officer or a University Extension Agent faculty member responsible for bringing the resources of the University to outlying communities, I chose to be a University Extension Agent (also referred to as a County Agent). This allowed me to work in land use planning, soil conservation, forestry and outdoor education.

A related opportunity with Colorado State University opened up and the attraction of the Rocky Mountains, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope and gold medal Trout fishing was more than I could resist. My time with Colorado State University pointed to other business opportunities which allowed me the freedom to hunt and fish in some of the best environments in North and Central America.

I have been an independent contractor and small business owner for 35 years. I have developed a skill set that includes direct sales, public relations, marketing, working with product suppliers, units of government and serving the public. I look forward to directing my experience toward a new aspiration or course.

The Outdoor Group Inc. presents an opportunity that allows me to expand and share my passion for the outdoors with like-minded sportsmen. I welcome this new challenge to share the resources of the Company to all who wish a quality experience in the world of hunting and fishing.”

For World-Class sporting services contact George Kiefer at The Outdoor Group, Inc.

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The Outdoor Group, Inc. Aligns With Highly Decorated Navy SEAL…


LOVELAND, COLORADO (November 9, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have aligned with Adamantine Alliance, Inc., a unique leadership and demanding human performance training organization co-owned by a highly decorated Navy SEAL.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are honored to be aligning with Thom Shea, Presenter/CEO of Adamantine Alliance, Inc., and his wife and company President, Stacy Shea. Thom is uniquely qualified to ensure transformational performance results for companies, organizations and individuals. His programs, seminars, and keynote speeches are life altering. Their company’s services are a natural fit in expanding our list of deliverables available to our corporate sporting clientele.”

Svetich went on to say that sporting companies and organizations can now call on The Outdoor Group, Inc. to secure Mr. and Mrs. Shea for appearances to present unprecedented performance enhancement lessons to their staff.


Mr. Shea commented on what his thoughts were in aligning with The Outdoor Group, Inc.; “I grew up trapping for fur, fishing and hunting as a necessity during a time when our society embraced that way of life. Whether it’s a boyhood dream to play professional baseball and never quitting in order to reach his goal as Bob did, or getting through “Hell Week” and SEAL training and leading men into combat as I did, both of us know the value of never quitting and respect for the hunt matters most. That trait is common among all successful people and in-part is what brings us together in aligning with The Outdoor Group, Inc. We are excited to be collaborating with Bob and his staff in providing our services to their discriminating clientele.”

(Ret.) Senior Chief Thom Shea is the Presenter/CEO of Adamantine Alliance at, a unique leadership and demanding human performance training organization. Thom works exclusively with people and organizations willing to perform at higher levels. Thom has trained 100’s of individuals and Executive Leadership Teams to date to master the Five Pyramids of Human Performance® and led each through the intense training of Performance in the Margin®, the space where all performance occurs.

Adamantine Alliance offers online version of this unique performance training with
Unbreakable Lessons ( ). They have recently launched Unbreakable TV ( ), another resource to guide individuals seeking higher performance to engage with highly successful mentors.

Before founding Adamantine Alliance, Thom served 23 years with distinguished Valor as a Navy SEAL. During his military career he served in three wars, ultimately leading a team of Navy SEALs into Afghanistan in 2009 where he earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star with Valor, Army Commendation with Valor and his second Combat Action Medal. He was hand-selected to serve as Officer In Charge of the famed SEAL Sniper course from 2009 – 2011. During his final tour, Thom led research and development for the SEAL teams.

Thom is the author of the national best-selling book, “UNBREAKABLE: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life”.

About The Book


A highly decorated Navy SEAL shares stories of his years of combat experience in Afghanistan, providing leadership insights that will shift your view of yourself and provoke life-altering change. Before leaving for combat in Afghanistan, Navy SEAL Thom Shea promised his wife that he would write to his children in case he didn’t make it back. What was initially intended to be a private memoir for his family turned into a powerful set of lessons for anyone striving to perform beyond what they believe possible. Shea’s stories, while action-packed and entertaining, provide incredible insights on leadership, family, and excellence. In UNBREAKABLE, Shea teaches readers how to achieve and maintain a strong internal dialogue through no matter what the task. Reading this book will transform your life.

Thom is the executive partner at Primal Quest LLC, the toughest multi-sport endurance event in the United States.

Thom also serves as Director of Business Development for BarberWind Turbines. BarberWind Turbines represents an entirely new design for wind turbines that is efficient, economical and available to produce energy worldwide.


In his downtime, Thom competes in numerous ultra marathons, long distant shooting events and sporting clays and has volunteered countless hours to charity, raising funds through his athletic events for the Navy SEAL Foundation and local charities. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Ball State University and a Master Training Specialist certification from the Naval Special Warfare Center. He now resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife and three children.

Stacy Shea is the President of Adamantine Alliance, which she founded with her husband, retired Navy SEAL Thom Shea. Stacy delivers inspirational keynote speeches to groups across the country. She is the promotional force behind “Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life”.

Her passion for supporting military families was demonstrated as she served as the Ombudsman for SEAL Team 7 and the President of the Family Readiness Group for Naval Special Warfare Group One while her husband was on active duty.

Along with her deepest passion for being a devoted mother and wife, she comes from a professional background, having spent 14 years in the investment business. She managed individual client relationships and was responsible for the professional development of her staff at Advest, Inc., Legg Mason Wood Walker and Washington Mutual.

“The driving force behind all successful warriors is a non-compromising Spartan Wife.” says Stacy Shea.

For more information and booking arrangements contact Mark Boyd at:

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Greg Bastek Named Director of Business Development…

Greg Bastek

(October 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. continues their expansion plans, recently naming Greg Bastek as their Director of Business Development.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are excited to have Greg as an integral part of our All-Star team. He brings great passion and experience including his ability to connect with people in building mutually beneficial working
relationships. Greg’s talents will be utilized to secure and direct business opportunities to the appropriate divisions within our company. His professional background will be an asset in aligning with World-Class sporting venues, outdoor companies and organizations.”

When asked about joining The Outdoor Group, Inc. Greg commented; “I am extremely excited to be joining The Outdoor Group, Inc. After my first conversation with Bob Svetich, I knew I wanted to be a part of this special organization. My goal is to expand the reach of The Outdoor Group, Inc. by bringing in new ideas, relationships and opportunities for both individuals and corporations. I look forward to building mutually beneficial partnerships and helping people and companies achieve their goals. I am honored to be a part of this special group of outdoor enthusiasts.”

Greg Bastek grew up in Connecticut and his fondest memories are fishing with his grandfather, father and brother from a very early age. Whether it was the Florida Keys or Northern Maine, Greg credits those early days for his love of the outdoors.

Greg spent many years in the motorcycle magazine business as editor of “Old Bike Journal” where he honed his writing and editing skills and gained a deep appreciation for vintage motorcycles. Being an expert level motocross and dirt track racer didn’t hurt either. Greg and his dad still tinker with race bikes to this day.

It was not until Greg fell into the non-profit world that he realized what he was really meant to do. As a major gifts officer at Sacred Heart University, he realized that his calling was building personal relationships. He honed that craft over the next decade at various agencies and realized after serving as Director of Development at Ducks
Unlimited for New England and New York City, that he wanted to build relationships in the outdoor industry.

Greg, his father and son enjoy hunting and fishing together and Greg comments; “I am very fortunate to have my father around to spend time in the outdoors with me and my son. These experiences are ones that will always be remembered.” Bastek and his family spend time in South Carolina on Kiawah Island each summer and Greg says that chasing redfish is among his favorite pastimes. In the spring he and his son love hunting turkeys in the Catskills of New York.

Hence, Bastek’s interest in The Outdoor Group, Inc… Greg will be doing what he does, building relationships and driving business through the company’s various channels. Says Bastek, “I want all outdoor enthusiasts and companies to experience everything the outdoors has to offer. And if I can help put those pieces in place, then that will be my measure of success.”

To learn how The Outdoor Group, Inc. can provide fresh, creative ideas and solutions for your business development needs, Contact Greg Bastek at The Outdoor Group, Inc.

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Mark Boyd Named Senior Program Director NuBiz Sporting Sales & Marketing Division…

Mark Boyd

(October 6, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have named Mark Boyd Senior Program Director for their NuBiz Sporting Sales & Marketing Division.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “Mark will be a great addition to our team. He is a very talented professional with many years experience in the outdoor industry. Mark will oversee our Nubiz Sales & Marketing Division and is responsible for securing new business and implementing a myriad of strategic deliverables necessary to build revenue and brand awareness for our corporate clients.”

Mark Boyd comments; “Growing up in Joplin, MO, the Ozarks run deep in my blood. My love of the outdoors started early, almost the day I was born. Whether it was fishing for trout or catfish, hunting squirrels and rabbits, flushing quail with my uncles or just hiking the woods and ridges near my home, I relished every moment spent in the outdoors.

In my teens, I moved to the upper Midwest, to central Minnesota and a whole new set of outdoor adventures. There I discovered walleye fishing, snow shoeing and pheasant hunting. After high school, some college and a year in broadcasting school, I headed to the Great Plains of North Dakota where over the next twenty years I worked in the television industry and spent all my off time taking in all the wonderful hunting and fishing opportunities that abound there. To this day I don’t think there is a place that has affected me more than the abundant waters, rolling grasslands, farm fields and Badlands of the Dakotas. Deer, pheasants, waterfowl and of course fish of many species kept me occupied at every opportunity. It was here that I began to seriously believe I could make a living in the outdoor industry.

I began entering walleye fishing tournaments, and after having some success, I started writing articles about the sport, sharing tips and stories with anyone who would read them. That led to the TV station I worked for asking me to host a weekly segment in the sports cast sharing my “Fishing Tips and Tricks”. That then expanded into a weekly radio show, “Outdoor Tips and Tricks”, and more writing for various magazines and local area newspapers.

In 1996, I was approached by two of the country’s top walleye anglers to be their ghost writer, and soon after that they offered me a job running their blossoming media company. This is where my knowledge of the business part of the outdoors industry matured. Over the years I have cultivated a well rounded and comprehensive understanding of the outdoor industry, as well as the men and women that participate in outdoor sports and activities. I feel mine is a prospective that can benefit a company or sporting venue by helping them to reach a higher level of success.

I am honored to be a part of The Outdoor Group, Inc. team and to have this opportunity to help others reach their business goals and to experience the finest outdoor adventures available.”

For World-Class sporting venues, premier outdoor companies and organizations seeking higher revenue and brand awareness through direct sales and marketing initiatives contact Mark Boyd, NuBiz Sales & Marketing Division.

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Cody Clapp Named Senior Sales Director Luxury Sporting Travel Division…

Cody Clapp Flyfishing

(September 2, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have named Cody Clapp, Senior Sales
Director for the company’s Luxury Sporting Travel Division.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are excited to have Cody join our company. His diverse outdoor background and professional client service skills aligns with our commitment in providing our discriminating clientele World-Class sporting adventures and services.”

Dan Rieves is the Executive Director for the company’s Luxury Sporting Travel Division. Here’s what Mr. Rieves said when asked about Cody Clapp joining his division. “Cody will be an immediate asset to our team. No one is better at listening to the details of the client’s needs and crafting a custom experience to the highest level. I would trust Cody to plan the details of my most anticipated trips!”

Growing up on a working ranch in Idaho, Cody Clapp has enjoyed working in the outdoors his entire life. After serving in the United States Marine Corp as a Reconnaissance Navigator he launched his 20 plus year career as a professional outfitter, guide, horseman, sled neck, navigator, angler, outdoor gear expert and campfire raconteur.

Cody built and owns a specialty backcountry adventure and guide operation based in Southern Utah offering services in the beautiful and challenging terrain of the Western States. He has outfitted and guided trophy hunts and fishing trips across the American West, Mid West and Alaska for record book Elk, Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Bear, Caribou and all forms of upland game and water fowl. Cody has raced the Arctic Man in Alaska, mushed dogs in Jackson Hole, guided backcountry snowmobiling on Togwotee Pass and worked as a commercial fisherman in the oceans and straights of Alaska’s island chains. He has guided fly-fishing on the Upper Snake river, including its blue ribbon tributaries, and the One Fly tournament.

cody clapp elk

Cody loves adventure and also understands the importance of precision logistics. He has the advantage of knowing the hunting and fishing industry from both the Outfitter/Guide and client perspectives and has been matching the needs and expectations of clients with the right sporting endeavor for decades.

Cody comments; “It is exciting to see the number of high quality lodge/adventure providers all partnered with such a knowledgeable staff. I am thrilled to be a part of the The Outdoor Group, Inc. team and look forward to bringing clients to our world-class sporting venues all around the globe.”

Cody also knows you don’t have to rough it and loves merging luxury and the wilds. For the last decade he has specialized in catering to clientele in search of SCI and Boone and Crocket- book animals while enjoying the finest accommodations. Perhaps most importantly, Cody loves a good story and wants to help more people make epic memories in the great outdoors.

To book your next ultimate sporting adventure and customized hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime, contact Cody Clapp at The Outdoor Group, Inc., Luxury Sporting Travel Division.

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee Joins Elite Sporting Group

Huckabee podium

(August 19, 2016)
The Outdoor Group, Inc. has recently announced former Arkansas
Governor Mike Huckabee has joined their elite group of “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors”.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are blessed to have Governor Huckabee join our elite group of sporting enthusiasts. I highly respect Mike for the work he did during his term as Governor for the great state of Arkansas, including his values and convictions as a person. Mike is a passionate outdoorsman and has been recognized for his meaningful contributions to critical habitat and wildlife.”

Mike Huckabee was the 44th Governor of Arkansas from 1996 until 2007, becoming one of the longest serving Governors in his state’s history, and was only the fourth Republican elected to any statewide office since Reconstruction, serving longer than the other three combined. He left a legacy of tax cuts, job creation, the reconstruction of his state’s road system, K-16 education reform, and a nationally heralded and duplicated health initiative that focused on the less expensive approach of prevention than the costly big-government approach of intervention.

Huckabee Duck Hunting

His administration fought long-standing corruption in the state’s political machine, resulting in numerous indictments and convictions of powerful legislators and other elected officials.

In his campaign for the Republican nomination for President in 2008, he finished second to John McCain. His political action committee, HuckPac, has amassed a volunteer team with thousands of activists in all 50 states. Governor Huckabee was the host of the number one rated weekend show HUCKABEE, on the Fox News Channel, from 2008 until 2015.

He also hosted The Huckabee Report – which was heard three times daily across the nation on almost 600 radio stations from 2009-2015 – and is the New York Times bestselling author of 12 books. Currently, the Governor is a contributor on Fox News and one of the nation’s most sought after conservative speakers.

Huckabee Red Snapper

Governing magazine named him as one of its “Public Officials of the Year” for 2005, and Time Magazine honored him as one of the five best governors in America. He has been honored by numerous organizations for his commitment to music education. He served as the Chairman of the prestigious National Governors Association as well as the Education Commission of the States, the Southern Governors’ Association, and the Interstate Oil and Gas Commission.

Huckabee had been Lieutenant Governor for 3 years in July 1996 when his predecessor was forced to resign due to felony convictions. He was one of the youngest governors in the country at the time. Huckabee was elected to a full four-year term as governor in 1998, attracting the largest percentage of the vote ever received by a Republican gubernatorial nominee in Arkansas, and was re-elected to another four-year term in November 2002.

Huckabee Turkey Hunt

Huckabee, an avid musician since age 11, is a bass player. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and music. He was named one of the “25 Most Influential People” for Conservation by Outdoor Life Magazine, and was named “Man of the Year” by the American Sportfishing Association in 1997. The former governor and his wife, Janet, live in Florida and still spend part of their time in Arkansas. They have three grown children – John Mark, David, and Sarah – and five grandchildren – Chandler Huckabee, Scarlett Sanders, Caroline Grace Huckabee, William Huckabee “Huck” Sanders and George Sanders.

Visit Governor Huckabee’s website at

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To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact Jennifer Couture Senior Program Director StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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Hall of Fame Fly Fisherman Stu Apte Joins Elite Sporting Group

Stu Apte

LOVELAND, COLORADO (July 23, 2016) The Outdoor Group, Inc. has recently announced that Hall of Fame fly fisherman Stu Apte has joined their elite group of “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors”.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “When I reached out to Stu inviting him to our elite group of Celebrity sporting lifestyle enthusiasts, I had my fingers crossed hoping that he would accept my invitation. A short time later I was very excited to hear that he would be joining our elite group. We are truly honored to have a man like Stu that is so accomplished and is truly one of the great ambassadors in the sport of fly fishing.”

Stu Apte was a fighter pilot in the Navy during the Korean conflict. He then spent the next 34 years flying for Pan Am, while pursuing his “Reel Passion of Fishing.” He began fly fishing in the mid-1940s and began guiding anglers in the mid-1950s in the Florida Keys, while laid off from Pan Am. Through the years, Stu has held more than 44 saltwater light tackle and fly rod World Records, including the two longest standing saltwater fly rod records. A 58 pound dolphin caught in 1964 and a 136 pound Pacific Sailfish caught in 1965, both on 12 pound tippet.

In 1969 Stu was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame. The Stu Apte Tarpon Fly and Stu Apte Improved Blood Knot are standard items. The Stu Apte fly has also had the distinction of being featured on a United States postage stamp in 1991.

In 2003 Stu was the recipient of the prestigious Ted Williams Award and in 2004 for the fifth-year in a row, was the Pro Celebrity Grand Champion of the Backbone Tournament. Stu had the distinction of joining Ted Williams, Curt Gowdy, Ernest Hemingway, Izaak Walton and Zane Grey to name just a few, when he was inducted into the International Game fish Association [IGFA] Hall of Fame December 11th, 2005. Stu was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame 2012.

As a natural extension of his passion for fly fishing he has written many feature articles for Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and Sports Afield to name a few, as well as being the Angling Editor of Sea & Rudder, a national boating magazine. He was Contributing Editor to Fly Fishing in Salt Waters magazine doing the back page byline, “Down and Dirty” with Stu Apte. He was also Field Editor for Shallow Water Angler, doing the back page column, “Stu Apte on Fishing.”

In addition to writing, Stu appeared in ABC’s Wide World of Sports, was field host on ABC’s American Sportsman TV Shows, CBS Sports Spectacular, Thrill-Maker Sports, ESPN’s On The Fly, Walker Cay Chronicles, Sportsman’s Adventures and the Teddy Award winning Sportsman’s Journal with Andy Mill “THE LEGEND OF STU APTE”, and ESPN’s Out There, co-hosting The Outdoor World TV series on OLN. Most recently has done guest appearances on seven of Ray Van Horn’s Gypsy angler TV show.

He directed and starred in a Paramount Studios Short Subject “Keys to Fishing Fun”, that premiered in Radio City Music Hall in 1969. He also produced the award-winning “Tarpon Country” film in for Evinrude motors in 1976, starred in and directed the award-winning video series “Saltwater Fly Fishing From A to Z.” One of his latest videos is “Quest For Giant Tarpon”, which won a Teddy award for best fishing video 1993/94. He received a 2000 “Telly Award” for a striped bass TV show shot in New England.

Stu has served as an officer and trustee of the Everglades Protection Association; is on the executive board of The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust (BTT) conservation organization and is on the advisory board of the International Game Fish Association [I.G.F.A.]. Stu is on the advisory Pro staff for Hells Bay Boats, and a member of Fishpond’s Ambassador Program. He also had three books published, the first was “Stu Apte’s Fishing in the Florida Keys” in 1976, the second book was his memoir, “Of Wind and Tides” in 2008 and his most recent book just out is “MY LIFE in FISHING; Favorite Long Stories Told Short”. These books and DVDs can be purchased from Stu’s website;

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip, please contact StarGaze Multi-Media.

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Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly Joins Elite Sporting Group

Jim Kelly bust

(July 15, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly has become the newest member of their “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” elite group of sporting enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are truly honored and blessed to have Jim Kelly as a member of our elite sporting group. Jim not only performed at an elite level in the NFL, but he is also the most mentally tough person I know. He is a true professional and deeply cares about helping people especially children. Additionally, Jim has a passion for the sporting life and is a very accomplished outdoorsman.”

Jim Kelly was born and raised in East Brady, PA in a household that emphasized the importance of hard work and treating others with respect. He grew up in a large family and is one of six brothers. Despite his father being an orphan, Jim led a normal childhood, but his motivation was anything but ordinary.

Jim signed with the Miami Hurricanes as a 4th string QB however through dedication and hard work, quickly preserved to starting QB; his dreams were in the beginning stages of spiraling into reality until that fateful day he injured his shoulder. Jim was told his career would be over, but Jim didn’t agree.

In 1983 the Buffalo Bills selected quarterback Jim Kelly in the first round of the NFL Draft. Not exactly thrilled about playing in Buffalo, the Miami Hurricane star opted to sign with the Houston Gamblers of the United States Football League. He was named USFL Player of the Year in 1984. The USFL folded following the 1985 season, and Jim Kelly, just prior to the start of the 1986 NFL season, signed with the Bills. The Buffalo fans were excited for a new chapter.

A strong-armed passer with a “linebacker’s mentality,” Jim Kelly lived up to his advance billing, as he virtually rewrote the Buffalo Bills’ record book for quarterbacks. Only three players in NFL history had reached the 30,000 yard career passing mark faster. Eight times during his NFL career, Jim Kelly passed for more than 3,000 yards in a season, and twenty-six times he passed for more than 300 yards in a game.

Nicknamed “Machine-Gun Kelly”, Jim was perhaps best known for running the Bills’ “No-Huddle Offense”, which was fast-paced and denied opposing defenses the opportunity to make timely substitutions, establishing the Buffalo Bills as one of the NFL’s most successful and dangerous offenses.

Jim Kelly football

In 11 seasons, Jim Kelly led the Buffalo Bills to the playoffs eight times. At the time of his retirement, his 84.4 passer rating ranked sixth all-time and was second when compared to Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

Jim Kelly’s 35,467 career passing yards ranked tenth in NFL history; his 2,874 completions ranked eighth; and his 237 touchdowns ranked thirteenth.

Jim is considered one of the elite quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. He led the Buffalo Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls from 1991-1994. Despite his early reluctances to Buffalo, he now concludes being part of the Buffalo Bills was one of the best career choices he ever made. In 1997, Jim Kelly announced his decision to retire from the only NFL team he played for. In 2001, he became the first and only Buffalo Bills player to have his number (12) officially retired and added to the Buffalo Bills “Wall of Fame”.

In 2002, Jim was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. His speech is said to be one of the best ever heard and his wish came true of having his son present to share in his special moment.

Jim Kelly has devoted much of his post-football life to his son, Hunter, who was diagnosed with Krabbe disease (Globoid-cell Leukodystrophy) and passed away on August 5, 2005 at the age of eight. Jim Kelly established an organization called Hunter’s Hope, to raise funds to fight the disease. His advocacy on behalf of Krabbe patients has vastly increased national awareness of the disease. Information can be accessed at

Jim is the CEO of Jim Kelly, Inc., he also runs an annual football camp for kids, is founder of the Kelly For Kids Foundation and Co-Founder of the Hunter’s Hope Foundation. Jim continues to reside in upstate New York, with his wife and 2 daughters and he is an avid Outdoorsman. More information about Jim Kelly can be accessed at

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact Jennifer Couture at StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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Jennifer Couture Named Senior Program Director StarGaze Multi-Media Division

Jennifer Couture

(July 1, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have named Jennifer Couture as their new Senior Program Director for the company’s StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are excited to have Jennifer join our elite team in this high-profile position with our company. Her leadership, operation and client service skills are key attributes in overseeing our StarGaze Multi-Media Division and working directly with our “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors”. In addition to her professional skills, Jennifer also has a passion for hunting and fishing which makes her a perfect fit for our company.”

Jennifer Couture was born and raised in Denver, Colorado where she continues to reside. Growing up in a state with an abundance of outdoor opportunities has never been overlooked. Living in the west provided Jennifer the backdrop to a life spent seeking out the next challenge and adventure. She has acquired a true appreciation for the outdoors and everything it has to offer.

Jennifer’s grandfather instilled in her at a very young age his love of fishing. What was once his passion that he shared with his grandkids has become a lifelong love of hers. The love of fishing is only outshined by her love of
family who she now carries on this tradition with.

Jennifer takes every opportunity she can to travel. Whether it’s on a camping trip near home or a hunt in another state, she’s always looking for that next experience that can build her personally and professionally. The hunting bug bit her later in life but like everything else she does, Jennifer jumped in with both feet. Whether it’s chasing ring neck pheasants behind a set of dogs or listening for the faint sound of a bugle in the aspens, there’s never a question of where you’ll find her each fall.

Jennifers Deer

Never being one to sit idle and always willing to try new things, Jennifer was recently introduced to the world of archery. This has quickly become a serious new obsession of hers. When she’s not out looking for the next body of water to wet a line in, she can be found with her bow in hand.

Jennifer has spent her entire adult life in public relations as both a service provider and a trainer. She brings to the table 2 decades of experience working professionally building relationships with the public. Her love of the outdoors and everything in it has pushed her to follow her passion and start a new career working in the hunting and fishing industry.

As she starts this new adventure in life with The Outdoor Group Inc., she is excited and honored at the opportunity of meeting the unique challenges of working with one of the premier companies in the outdoor industry.

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact Jennifer Couture StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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Actor, Producer, Director, & Author Henry Winkler Joins Elite Sporting Group

Henry Winkler

LOVELAND, COLORADO (June 24, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today star actor Henry Winkler has become the newest member of their “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” elite group of sporting enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO comments; “We are honored and welcome Henry in joining our elite group. I have respected Henry’s work all of my life. Henry is a very special talent and a wonderful person with a passion for fly fishing, photography and the sporting life.”

Henry Winkler knows a thing or two about Hollywood, having spent over four decades enjoying success in the business. Not only is he an Actor, Director and Producer, you can add New York Times Best Selling Author to his list of accomplishments.

Born in New York City on October 30, 1945, Henry began performing at the age of 14. A graduate of the Yale School of Drama in 1970, he moved back to New York to make his mark on Broadway, but decided to give television a try and headed to Los Angeles in 1973. He quickly found work in commercials and landed several guest spots on sitcoms, but an audition in October of that year changed his life forever.

Producer Garry Marshall and Tom Miller cast Winkler in the role of Arthur Fonzarelli, aka The Fonz (Fonzie) in the TV series, “Happy Days.” The ABC series was one of the most popular sitcoms from 1974 – 1984. During his 10 years on “Happy Days,” Henry won two Golden Globe Awards and was nominated three times for an Emmy Award. He was honored with a “star” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Both his famous leather jacket and “Fonzie’s” lunch box became part of an exhibit at The Smithsonian in 1980.

Henry’s portrayal of “The Fonz,” made him one of the most recognized actors in the world and an international star…a status he still maintains to this day.

But while “Happy Days” and “The Fonz” continue to live in the past thanks to cable television, Henry Winkler lives very much in the present.

In the last few years, Henry appeared on a number of series. His regular role on the popular Adult Swim series’ “Children’s Hospital” and recurring role on “Royal Pains” will come to an end this year as both shows complete their run. He was also seen on “The New Girl, “Parks and Recreation” and “Arrested Development.”

In August of this year, Henry stars (and executive produces) in the NBC Reality Series, “Better Late Than Never.” His co-stars are William Shatner, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw and comedian Jeff Dye.

In the spring of 2017, Henry will co-star in “Barry,” a new HBO comedy series starring Bill Hader.

It’s hard to believe that Henry Winkler has been working in the entertainment industry for more than 40 years.

“Happy Days” made Henry Winkler a TV star, but the actor was able to make his mark in films as well. His motion picture credits include “Night Shift,” “Here Comes the Boom,” “The Waterboy,” “Click,” “The Lords of Flatbush,” “Heroes,” “Holes” and “Scream.” He also directed several movies including “Memories of Me,” starring Billy Crystal and the late Alan King and “Cop and a Half,” starring Burt Reynolds.

Behind the scenes, Henry has also made his mark as a producer. He has executive produced or produced TV series and specials for 19 years. These include: “MacGyver,” (7 seasons) “So Weird,” “Mr. Sunshine,” “Sightings,” (7 seasons), “A Family Again,” “All Kids Do It,” (which won him an Emmy Award), “Ryan’s Four,” “Scandal Sheet” and the ABC documentary, “Who Are the DeBolts and Where Did They Get 19 Kids?,” which won the prestigious Humanitas Prize.

On television Henry had the good fortune to work in both comedies as well as dramas. His guest role in the ABC series, “The Practice,” earned him an Emmy Award nomination. He also starred in the CBS sitcom, “Out of Practice.”

Among his most notable credits are guest-starring roles on series such as “Numb3rs,” “The Bob Newhart Show,” “Third Watch,” “Crossing Jordan,” “Law and Order SVU” and the Hallmark Channel holiday movie, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” He also lent his voice to such shows as “All Hail King Julien” on Netflix, “South Park,” “King of the Hill,” “Family Guy,” “The Simpsons” and “Clifford: The Puppy Years” for which he received an Emmy Award.

Henry added author to his long list of accomplishments in 2003. The first book entitled, Niagra Falls or Does It: Hank Zipzer The World’s Greatest Under-Achiever , became an instant best-seller. The books were inspired by Henry’s struggle throughout his education due to his learning challenges.

Winkler Trout Photo

To date, he and his co-author, Lin Oliver, have written 31 children’s novels. Their latest HERE’S HANK: The Soggy, Foggy Campout will be in stores on July 5. The HERE’S HANK series features a font, Dyslexie, never seen before in books published in the United States. The font was designed by a dyslexic Dutch graphic designer to help readers (including his own son) with dyslexia learn how to read.

In January 2012, Henry and Lin introduced a new series of children’s books called Ghost Buddy. There are four books in the Ghost Buddy series. All 31 novels are in bookstores across the United States and have also been published around the world in seven languages.

The Hank Zipzer series has appeared on several Best Seller lists including the New York Times and have sold more than 4 million copies. Henry writes every day he is not acting or traveling. The Hank Zipzer books became a comedy/drama TV series on CBBC (Children’s British Broadcasting Channel). A third season will air this summer with Henry co-starring as one of his characters in the book, Mr. Rock, the music teacher.

No stranger to live theatre, Henry has appeared on Broadway in “Neil Simon’s The Dinner Party” (with the late John Ritter) and “The Performers.”

Henry has always been concerned about the quality of children’s television programming. He has produced countless worthwhile projects for a young audience including “Happily Ever After” for PBS and its sequel, “Two Daddies to Love Me. Other specials were “Run, Don’t Walk,” and “All the Kids Do It,” which was about teenage drunk driving, which he also directed.

In addition to the children’s books, Henry also wrote I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River in 2011. The book was inspired by his love of fly fishing and contains life lessons and photos he took while fly fishing in Montana.

Henry has always believed in helping others. His work with children knows no boundaries. The list of groups with which he is associated is as long as his resume of acting credits. For the past three years he has been a featured speaker before audiences of thousands of children across America and Canada at WE Day Celebrations promoting education and service for students. His work also includes Honorary Chairman of United Friends of the Children; Founding Member of the Children’s Action Network; the first National Honorary Chairman of the Epilepsy Foundation of America; National Chairman of the annual Toys for Tots campaign; the National Committee for Arts for the Handicapped; the Special Olympics and the Los Angeles Music Center’s Very Special Arts Festival for children who are physically challenged and numerous teenage alcohol and drug abuse programs.

Never asking to be recognized for his personal commitment to helping others, Henry’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. His has received a number of accolades from a variety of prestigious organizations including B’nai B’rith, Peace Prize by the United Nations and Women in Film’s Norma Zarky Humanitarian Award presented to both Henry and his wife, Stacey, for their tireless efforts and devotion to the “improvement of the human condition.” Henry also received the Chevallier de l’Ordre des Artes et Lettres, the French Government’s highest honor. Henry was one of 10 individuals honored by AARP with their 2010 Inspire Award.

In 2011 he was awarded the Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) from the Queen of England in recognition of his services to children with dyslexia and special education needs.

His own challenges with learning – the diagnosis of dyslexia came when he was 31 – led him to send this message to children coping with their own learning difficulties: “no matter how you learn, it has nothing to do with your brilliance. You have greatness inside of you.” A favorite quote of Henry’s is from the great Austrian Jewish author Theodor Herzl said, “If you will it, it is not a dream.”

Of all the titles he has received, the ones he relishes most are husband, father and grandfather. Henry and Stacey have three children, Jed, Zoe and Max and four grandchildren. The Winklers reside in Los Angeles with their two dogs, Charlotte and Linus.

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

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Rock & Roll Icon Ted Nugent Joins Elite Sporting Group

Ted Nugent

LOVELAND, COLORADO (June 16, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced that rock & roll icon Ted Nugent has become the newest member of their “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors”, elite group of sporting enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are truly blessed to have Ted join our elite sporting group. Ted is a great patriot, musical legend, and generously gives to charitable causes and community projects. Ted is also an accomplished Bowhunter and passionate outdoor enthusiast.”

Select few professionals are possessed of the skill, passion and sheer tenacity to break record after record in their chosen field. And fewer still can stake that claim in more than one arena.

To millions of music lovers, Ted Nugent has carved a permanent place in rock & roll history as the guitar-shredding showman, selling more than 40 million albums, performing more than 6,500 high-octane concerts, and continuing to set attendance records at venues around the globe.

To further millions, Nugent is the nation’s most outspoken proponent of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, conducting thousands of pro-gun, pro-freedom, pro-America interviews in major media worldwide. He has served continuously on the Board of Directors of the NRA since his initial election in 1995, where he consistently sets records for amassing among the highest number of votes received by an individual board member.

Ted Nugent hunt

Nugent is dedicated to preserving our great outdoor heritage for future generations, and along with wife Shemane, regularly hosts hunts for sick and terminally ill children with Hunt of a Lifetime, Hunt for a Cure, and via his own Kamp for Kids. A recipient of myriad commendations from state police, sheriff departments, FBI and police agencies, Nugent has been lauded for his Freedom’s Angels Foundation benefitting our troops, along with work as a national spokesman for D.A.R.E., Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Pass It On Outdoor Mentors Program.

Nugent has been named favorite Hunting Personality by the readers of Outdoors Magazine. He was inducted into the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame, marking the pinnacle of recognition for Nugent as a bona fide Bowhunting Legend of the 21st Century, acknowledged for his skills as an outdoorsman, and for his tireless promotion of bowhunting via his writings for over 40 publications, his New York Times Best-Sellers Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto and God, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll, along with Kill It and Grill It, BloodTrails and BloodTrails II, and his award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show.

To learn about Ted’s upcoming tour dates go to

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact the StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Bob Knight Joins Elite Sporting Group

Bob Knight

LOVELAND, COLORADO (June 10, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today that Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight has become a member of their “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” elite group of sporting enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Group, Inc Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “I have admired coach Knight all of my life and respect how he went about his business. Ask his players and they will all tell you the same thing. Playing for coach Knight wasn’t always easy, but they all knew how much coach Knight cared for them and his commitment to prepare them for what lies ahead in life. Not only is Bob Knight an outstanding outdoorsman and expert fly-fisherman, more importantly he’s an even greater person. I would go into battle with coach Knight knowing he would always have my backside covered. Unfortunately you can’t put that same level of trust in a lot of people these days.”

Bob Knight is one of the most successful coaches in college basketball history. Knight won 902 NCAA Division I men’s college basketball games, the most all-time at the time of his retirement and currently second all-time, behind his former player and assistant coach Mike Krzyzewski of Duke University. Knight is best known as the head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers from 1971 to 2000. He also coached at Texas Tech (2001–2008) and at Army (1965–1971).

While at Indiana, Knight led his teams to three NCAA championships, one National Invitation Tournament (NIT) championship, and 11 Big Ten Conference championships. He received National Coach of the Year honors four times and Big Ten Coach of the Year honors eight times. In 1984, he coached the USA men’s Olympic team to a gold medal, becoming one of only three basketball coaches to win an NCAA title, NIT title, and an Olympic gold medal.

Knight was one of college basketball’s most successful and innovative coaches, having perfected and popularized the motion offense. He has also been praised for running clean programs (none of his teams were ever sanctioned by the NCAA for recruiting violations) and graduating most of his players. Knight’s all time coaching record is 902–371. His 902 wins in NCAA Division I men’s college basketball games is second all-time to Knight’s former player Mike Krzyzewski. Knight achieved his 880th career win on January 1, 2007 and passed retired North Carolina coach Dean Smith for most career victories, a title he held until his win total was surpassed by Krzyzewski on November 15, 2011. Knight is the youngest coach to reach 200 (age 35), 300 (age 40) and 400 (age 44) wins. He was also among the youngest to reach other milestones of 500 (age 48) and 600 (age 52) wins.

Knight Photo

Texas Tech’s participation in the 2007 NCAA Tournament gave Knight more NCAA tournament appearances than any other coach. He is the only coach to win the NCAA, the NIT, an Olympic Gold medal, and a Pan American Games Gold medal. Knight is also one of only three people, along with Dean Smith and Joe B. Hall, who had both played on and coached a winning NCAA championship basketball team.

Knight received a number of personal honors during and after his coaching career. He was named the National Coach of the Year four times (1975, 1976, 1987, 1989) and Big Ten Coach of the Year eight times (1973, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1981, 1989, 1992, 1993). In 1975 he was a unanimous selection as National Coach of the Year, an honor he was accorded again in 1976 by the Associated Press, United Press International, and Basketball Weekly. In 1987 he was the first person to be honored with the Naismith Coach of the Year Award. In 1989 he garnered National Coach of the Year honors by the AP, UPI, and the United States Basketball Writers Association. Knight was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1991.

On November 17, 2006, Knight was recognized for his impact on college basketball as a member of the founding class of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. The following year he was the recipient of the Naismith Award for Men’s Outstanding Contribution to Basketball. Knight was also inducted into the Army Sports Hall of Fame (Class of 2008) and the Indiana Hoosiers athletics Hall of Fame (Class of 2009). In August 2003, he was honored as the first inductee in The Vince Lombardi Titletown Legends.

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact the StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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Hall of Fame Pitcher Goose Gossage Joins Elite Sporting Group

Goose Gossage

LOVELAND, COLORADO (June 3, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today that Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Goose Gossage has become the newest member of their “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” elite group of sporting enthusiasts.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “I am honored to have Goose as a member of our elite group. As a former professional baseball player he represented all that is good about sports, competition and hard work. He brings that same mentality to the sporting lifestyle and is an outstanding role model and true professional.”

Bob Watson, both an opponent and teammate of Rich “Goose” Gossage, once said of the fireballing pitcher, “He’s all arms and legs and he’s not looking at you. That doesn’t make you feel good when he’s throwing 100 miles an hour. I don’t mind a guy throwing 100 miles an hour if he’s looking at you. I’ll tell you it’s a lot better playing behind him.”

Gossage could be an intimidating presence on the mound, standing 6 feet 3 inches and solidly built with a deathly scowl. But of all his attributes, it was his overpowering fastball, which could reach 100 miles per hour and made him one of the top relief pitchers throughout the 1970s and ‘80s. “My wife wouldn’t know me out there,” Gossage said. “If she ever came to the mound and talked to me, she’d divorce me. I don’t like anybody with a bat in his hands because he’s trying to hurt me with that thing. Hate is an ugly word, but I hate hitters.”

A rookie relief pitcher with the White Sox in 1972, Gossage established himself as a premier closer by the mid-1970s. After spending 1976 as a starting pitcher, he was traded to the Pirates, where he began a 12-year streak of double-figure save totals.

“I love the feeling of coming to the ballpark every day and knowing I’ve got a chance to work,” Gossage said. “I’d go crazy as a starter. Imagine having a bad game and then having to sit around four or five days before you pitch again. You’d be thinking about it all the time, that would be terrible.”

Free agency followed and Gossage signed a contract with the Yankees in November 1977. His six years as the New York closer included four All-Star teams, 150 saves and a 2.10 ERA. He was also on the mound to finish the 1978 playoff game against the Red Sox.

“We know before the game starts that he’ll be coming in the eighth or ninth if the game is close,” said fellow Hall of Famer Carl Yastrzemski. “There’s nothing you can do…well there is, you can try to have a big lead.”

“Hitters always have the fear that one pitch might get away from him (Goose Gossage) and they’ll wind up DOA with a tag on their toe. ” said Yankees teammate Rudy May.

Signing a free agent deal with the Padres prior to the 1984 season provided immediate dividends for Gossage’s new ball club, as his 10 wins and 25 saves helped San Diego to its first-ever World Series.

When Gossage, a nine-time All-Star, finally retired after the 1994 season he had built up quite a resume, finishing a 22-year big league career with nine different big league clubs. His lifetime statistics included a 124-107 record, 3.01 ERA, 1,002 games, 310 saves, 1,809 1/3 innings pitched, and 1,502 strikeouts.

When asked how he’d like to be remembered, Gossage said, “I gave them their money’s worth.” Visit Goose Gossage’s fan friendly website,

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact the StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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The Outdoor Group, Inc. Aligns With The Prime Placement Group, LLC

Greg Royse

(May 27, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today they have aligned with The Prime Placement Group, LLC a Veteran owned executive search firm organized to service the hiring needs within the outdoor industry. The Prime Placement Group will now be an affiliate of The Outdoor Group, Inc. NuBiz Sporting Sales & Marketing Division.

The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are excited to be aligning with Greg Royse, President of The Prime Placement Group, LLC. His expertise in providing recruiting and placement services in the hunting, fishing and shooting sports industries is a natural fit to expand services within our NuBiz division.”

Svetich went on to say that outdoor companies and sporting venues can now call on this division to assist them in filling key positions within their organizations. Additionally, candidates looking for a rewarding career in the outdoor industry can also call upon this division for personal placement assistance.

We asked Mr. Royse what his thoughts were in aligning with The Outdoor Group, Inc.; “Both Bob and I are passionate about the sporting lifestyle and his company does a great job in providing meaningful services to outdoor companies, sporting venues and enthusiasts. I’m proud to contribute these expanded services to the NuBiz division.”

After retiring from a successful 20 year enlistment in the United States Air Force, The Prime Placement Group, LLC was organized in 2002 by Greg, where his main focus was recruiting professionals in the Agriculture and Animal Health industries. In 2007 he made a decision to accept a position and to work full time in the outdoor industry, selling shooting sports, archery and fishing products to the dealer base in the Southeastern U.S. Greg worked his way up to National Account Manager for a major fishing and firearm distributor. He decided to couple his staffing and outdoor industry experience and re-open The Prime Placement Group. Because of his passion for the hunting and fishing traditions, it was a logical decision to provide staffing solutions for outdoor focused companies.

Greg said, “The goal of The Prime Placement Group is to help companies in the hunting, fishing, and shootings sports hire and retain quality top level employees. I take great pride in how we help companies discover and attract the talent needed to take them to the next level, while helping job seekers take the next promising step in their career journey. Because of my background within both of these industries, companies can count on us to fill key positions in our ever changing industry.”

About The Prime Placement Group, LLC: The Prime Placement Group is an executive recruiting firm. The company specializes in job placement for executives, management, sales, business development, marketing, technical and professional personnel in the firearms, hunting, fishing, and all outdoor industries.

For more information contact Greg Royse at or by phone 803.399.1563

Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs Joins Elite Sporting Group

Wade Boggs batting

LOVELAND, COLORADO (May 20, 2016) – Although Wade Boggs was born in Nebraska, he grew up in Tampa, Florida. He attended Plant High School in Tampa where he played High School Baseball. He graduated in 1976. He spent his 18-year baseball career primarily with the Boston Red Sox, but also played for the New York Yankees, with whom he won his only World Series, and Tampa Bay Devil Rays, with whom he recorded his 3,000th hit. His hitting in the 1980s and 1990s made him a perennial contender for American League batting titles. He is 33rd on the list of career leaders for batting average among Major League Baseball players with a minimum of 1000 plate appearances. Boggs was elected to the Red Sox Hall of Fame in 2004 and the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2005.

With 12 straight All-Star appearances, Boggs is third only to Brooks Robinson and George Brett in number of consecutive appearances as a third baseman. In 1999, he ranked number 95 on the Sporting News list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players, and was a nominee for the Major League Baseball All-Century Team. Boggs played in the longest game in professional baseball history as a member of the Pawtucket Red Sox in 1981 against Cal Ripken, Jr. and the Rochester Red Wings. It lasted for 33 innings over eight hours and 25 minutes. 32 innings were played from 18 to 19 April 1981 at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. During his last year in the minor leagues with Pawtucket, he led the league with a .335 batting-average, 167 hits, and 41 doubles.

A left-handed hitter, Boggs won five batting titles starting in 1983. He also batted .349 in his rookie year which would have won the batting title, but was 121 plate appearances short of the required minimum of 502. From 1982 to 1988, Boggs hit below .349 only once, hitting .325 in 1984. From 1983 to 1989, Boggs rattled off seven consecutive seasons in which he collected 200 or more hits, an American League record for consecutive 200-hit seasons that was later matched and surpassed by Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki. Boggs also had six seasons with 200 or more hits, 100+ runs and 40+ doubles. Although he would not win another batting title after 1988 (his batting title that year broke Bill Madlock’s Major League record of four by a third baseman), he regularly appeared among the league leaders in hitting. His own style included mental preparedness techniques, which consisted in visualizing four at-bats each evening before a game and imagining himself successfully getting four hits.

Wade Boggs fielding

In 1986, Boggs made it to the World Series with the Red Sox, but they lost to the New York Mets in seven games. He holds the record for batting average at Fenway Park, at .369. In 1992, Boggs slumped to .259 – one of only three times in his career that he failed to reach .300 – and at the end of the season he left the Red Sox, with whom he had spent his entire career to that point. He was heavily pursued by two teams: the Los Angeles Dodgers and the arch-rival of the Red Sox, the New York Yankees – he chose the Yankees when they added the third year to the contract that the Dodgers would not offer. Boggs went on to be awarded three straight all-star appearances, had four straight .300-plus seasons, and even collected two Gold Glove Awards for his defense. As of June 8, 1986, over the course of the previous 162 games (equivalent to a full season, though across two seasons) Boggs was hitting .400, with 254 hits in 635 at-bats. In 1987, Boggs – who was up for a new contract following the season – hit 24 home runs, the most in any year of his career.

As of June 8, 1986, over the course of the previous 162 games (equivalent to a full season, though across two seasons) Boggs was hitting .400, with 254 hits in 635 at-bats. In 1987, Boggs – who was up for a new contract following the season – hit 24 home runs, the most in any year of his career.

Wade Boggs hunting

In 1996, Boggs helped the Yankees win their first World Series title in 18 years, which became his only world title. In the series’ fourth game, which saw the Yankees rally from six runs down to win, Boggs was called on to pinch hit in the tenth inning and using the batting eye he was known for throughout his career, he coaxed a bases-loaded walk out of Steve Avery which gave the Yankees the lead in a game they went on to win 8-6. After the Yankees won the series in game 6, Boggs memorably celebrated by jumping on the back of an NYPD horse, touring the field with his index finger in the air – despite his self-professed fear of horses.

Boggs signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for the final two seasons of his career. He hit the first home run in Devil Rays history, in the 6th inning of the inaugural game on March 31, 1998. On August 7, 1999, he collected his 3,000th hit with a home run.

Despite his reputation as a singles hitter with limited power, he is one of only two players whose 3,000th hit was a home run and was the only one until Derek Jeter hit his on July 9, 2011. Boggs retired in 1999 after sustaining a knee injury, leaving with a career batting average of .328 and 3,010 hits. Two yellow seats among the rest of the Tropicana’s blue seats mark where both historic balls landed in right field, each with a small metal plate noting it as the area that the ball landed.

His career paralleled that of Tony Gwynn, who also debuted in the National League in 1982. Boggs and Gwynn were the premier contact hitters of their era. They both won multiple batting titles-Boggs’s five and Gwynn’s eight, and each won four straight to join Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby, and Rod Carew as the only players to do so. Gwynn and Boggs each hit over .350 in four straight seasons, the only players to do so since 1931. They joined Lou Brock and Rod Carew as the only players whose careers ended after World War II who finished with 3,000 hits and fewer than 160 home runs.

Wade Boggs fishing

While not unique among non-pitchers, Boggs also recorded a few innings pitching at the Major League level. His main pitch was a knuckleball, which he used 16 times (along with one fastball) in one shutout inning for the Yankees against the Anaheim Angels in a 1997 game.

On April 7, 2000 his #12 was retired by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It is the only number to have been issued only once by the Rays. Although he has not had his number retired by the Boston Red Sox, he was inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame in 2005.

Boggs was known for his superstitions. He ate chicken before every game (Jim Rice once called Boggs “chicken man”), woke up at the same time every day, took exactly 117 ground balls in practice, took batting practice at 5:17, and ran sprints at 7:17. His route to and from his position in the field beat a path to the home dugout. He drew the Hebrew word “Chai”, meaning “life”, in the batter’s box before each at-bat, though he is not Jewish.

He asked Fenway Park public address announcer Sherm Feller not to say his uniform number when he introduced him because Boggs once broke out of a slump on a day when Feller forgot to announce his number. Boggs is an avid sportsman, hunting and fishing worldwide.

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip, contact StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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Hollywood Actor Marshall Teague Joins Elite Sporting Group

Marshall Teague

The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today that longtime Hollywood actor Marshall Teague has joined ranks among the most elite sporting lifestyle enthusiasts. Bob Svetich, The Outdoor Group, Inc. Chairman/CEO said that Mr. Teague accepted his invitation to join this celebrated group of “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” as a way to share his passion with other sporting lifestyle enthusiasts.

Mr. Svetich went on to say; “I’m honored to have Marshall be a part of our elite group of men and women that have accomplished so much in their careers including their passion for the sporting life. I’ve known Marshall for several years and in working with him can say that he is a true professional and a great patriot.”

A 30+ year veteran of Hollywood, Marshall Teague is a proud retired Navy veteran that went on to serve as Deputy Sheriff in Memphis, TN before acting became his career. Marshall has appeared in over 37 featured films, 100 TV Shows, several soap operas, commercials, voice over and theater.

TV Shows include 13 different “Walker TX Rangers”, “Babylon 5”, “Friday Night Lights”, “Criminal Minds”, and most recently “Leverage”. Notable films include “Road House”, “Monte Walsh”, “Last Ounce of Courage”, and his newest movie, “Amerigeddon”.


Marshall is currently a member of the board of directors for the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, NRA member, and certified firearm training instructor. He has also been a notable participant in celebrity sport shooting events including the Charlton Heston Hollywood Celebrity Event, Louise Mandrell Celebrity Shoot, The Schwarzkopf Cup, and for the last several years the NRA Bianchi Cup amongst others.

As an extension of services provided by The Outdoor Group Inc. StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, call upon this division to secure talent.

To book a “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassador” for your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip contact StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

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The Outdoor Group, Inc.
Unveils “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors”

Stargaze webpage

(May 13, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. has announced they are unveiling an elite group of Celebrity talent representing the outdoor sporting lifestyle. The “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” represents the world of sports, musical artists, actors, entertainers, hunting and fishing industry professionals.

Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments; “We are blessed to have such a talented and passionate group as our “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors”. They are true sportsmen and women that enjoy the sporting lifestyle and sharing their passion with other outdoor sporting enthusiasts.”

As an extension of services provided by the StarGaze Multi-Media Division, outdoor companies and sporting venues that have an interest in branding their products and services by utilizing passionate Celebrity sporting enthusiasts, can now call upon this division to secure talent.

These same companies and venues seeking to generate revenue and brand awareness can utilize “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” as hosts/co-hosts, spokespersons, keynote speakers, event headliners, product endorsers and industry trade show participants. And there’s always requests for Celebrity hosted hunting and fishing trips Svetich said. “When we put together Celebrity hosted trips we like keeping the groups small between 4-10 people.” Svetich went on to say; “Getting to know these Celebrities up-close and personal while in the field or on the water makes for great memories that last a lifetime for our sporting clients.”

When we asked about talent fees to secure these Celebrities we were told they vary depending on the project or request including the clients talent fee budget. The StarGaze Multi-Media Division handles all the logistics of securing the Celebrity talent including matching the right Celebrity for each project or trip. Although this division will suggest and make appropriate talent recommendations, their clients are the ones making the final decision.

There are other booking agencies that secure Celebrity talent for a myriad of corporate events, however we know of no one else that specializes in securing passionate sporting lifestyle Celebrities exclusively for generating revenue and brand awareness for outdoor companies and sporting venues.

To make your next corporate event, sporting venue or hunting and fishing group trip star-studded…StarGaze Multi-Media and their “Celebrity Sporting Lifestyle Ambassadors” will do just that!

For more information contact:
The Outdoor Group, Inc., StarGaze Multi-Media Division.

970.593.2938 /

Wendy Hart Named Senior Travel Program Director

LOVELAND, COLORADO (March 23, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. recently announced they have named Wendy Hart as their Senior Travel Program Director for the company’s Luxury Sporting Travel Division.

Wendy Hart

Wendy Hart
Senior Travel Program Director

Dan Rieves the company’s Executive Director of Sales comments: “We are excited to have Wendy join our team in an elevated role with our company as our new Senior Travel Program Director. As the owner of Hart Travel International, Wendy not only assists our sporting clientele with their commercial travel, but will now be able to elevate that level of assistance in working directly with our clients through the travel industry relationships she has developed over the many years of service in this industry. I look forward to working with Wendy and our continued commitment in providing our elite sporting clientele, World-Class international travel services.”

Hart Travel International is an independent affiliate of Andavo Travel, and thus a member of the Virtuoso network. Being a member of Virtuoso gives their clients VIP status around the world, qualifying for special amenities, upgraded hotel rooms, and unique experiences that are not available to the ordinary traveler. Wendy Hart says that staying connected and up to date in the luxury travel market is a top priority, and is accomplished through knowledgeable colleagues, industry connections, attendance of trade shows and firsthand experience.

Wendy has been active in the Travel Industry for over 25 years. She and her siblings grew up in rural Colorado and Alaska. Her grandparents were seasoned travelers and always had a new copy of National Geographic around, her father had a deep love for nature and the outdoors and her mother is an accomplished artist. This varied environment, along with growing up in the rugged Alaskan outdoors fostered an environment that stamped her with a curious and adventuresome spirit. Wendy found herself enrolled in travel school at the young age of 17, with a passion to see new horizons and a drive to expose herself to and learn from different cultures. Throughout her adult life, travel has fulfilled her for new experiences.

Wendy’s life has afforded her many luxury experiences, and allowed her to work with a variety of clientele and client needs. Throughout her career she has booked travel for celebrities, high profile executives, corporate and vacation travelers. Wendy utilizes her experience and insight when customizing travel for her clientele. Whether the desire is tranquil, robust, or refined, she partners closely to design life-enriching opportunities. No trip is either too big or too small and each is created as a custom experience for her clients. Wendy knows it’s the care and extensive knowledge that is put into each and every trip that creates memorable experiences to last a lifetime.

For all of your luxury sporting travel contact Wendy Hart at The Outdoor Group, Inc. by phone at 303-501-6391 or by email at

Dan Rieves Joins The Outdoor Group, Inc.

Dan Rieves

LOVELAND, COLORADO (February 15, 2016) – The Outdoor Group, Inc. announced today they have recently hired Dan Rieves as their Executive Director of Sales for their Luxury Sporting Travel Division.

Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich comments: “I am excited to announce that Dan Rieves has joined our company as the Executive Director of Sales. It takes a unique individual with superior communication skills to bring together a professional sales staff to service our elite sporting clientele. Mr. Rieves is an experienced and talented leader that brings many years of dedicated service to this industry and a passion for the sporting life.”

When we interviewed Mr. Rieves he had this to say: “I like to tell people I have made my living in the outdoor industry my entire adult life, no sense in getting a real job now. I spent the first few years as an owner of an upland and waterfowl guide service and working as a freelance big game guide specializing in mule deer and elk hunting. The past twenty-four years I have served as a conservation officer and recreation manager here in Colorado. My background may be diverse but it all has a central theme…play outside!

I am a proud graduate of Colorado State University and hold a B.S. degree in Wildlife Biology, which perhaps gives me a slightly different perspective on outdoor pursuits.

Dans fish cropped

I began in the hunting and fishing trip planning business shortly after selling my guide service almost 20 years ago. Since then I have had the opportunity to plan and host trips including Kansas pheasant hunts, Mexico marlin excursions, and ten-day Alaska arctic adventures. These trips are as diverse as the landscapes of the destinations themselves, but they all have one thing in common, long lasting memories of special trips for my clients.

Honestly, I do not think of myself as a salesman, but more of a coordinator and a logistics planner.

Look through the Outdoor Group’s portfolio of World-Class sporting destinations, and quickly you will see they do not need me to “sell them”. Our discriminating clientele most often just needs a partner to assist them in determining the destination that best fits their needs, and then through the trust that we’ve earned allow us to handle the details on their behalf.

I am energized to represent The Outdoor Group, Inc. Luxury Sporting Travel Division. The criteria for being included in The Outdoor Group’s “Signature Sporting Collection” is rigid, the standard is high and we commit ourselves daily to uphold that level of service from the first phone call to looking through and sharing post trip photos with our clients.

Currently my sporting endeavors revolve around spending time in the woods and on the water with my family. For us it is truly a lifestyle and not just a hobby. Watching my daughter take her first big buck two years ago, and my son take his first turkey last spring, have been my most gratifying outdoor sporting moments to date.”

To book your next ultimate sporting adventure and customized hunting or fishing trip-of-a-lifetime, contact Mr. Dan Rieves at The Outdoor Group, Inc.

970.481.4325 /

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Stu Apte – Cuba Trip

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Stu Apte Kamalame

Stu Apte Kamalame

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Now Booking World-Class Salmon Fishing Trip July 7-10, 2016

Escott fishing trip

The Outdoor Group, Inc. cordially invites you to join professional fisherman Captain Danny Escott for 4 days/3 nights of world-class salmon fishing. Join Captain Escott for a fishing experience you will never forget including Best Guides, Best Gear, and Best Location!

There are only 6 spots available and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For the best salmon fishing in the world click here for details. Escott Fishing Trip Presentation

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Bob Knight – Celebrity Wingshooting Trip

Bob Knight on court

The Outdoor Group, Inc. cordially invites you to join us and our celebrity guest for 3 nights/2 days of world-class wingshooting.

Join legendary Hall of Fame Basketball Coach, Bob Knight, for a wingshooting experience you will never forget!

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the winningest college basketball coaches of all time.

Share hunting and sports stories with this great sports legend.

Click here for details: Highland Hills Ranch Wingshooting Trip

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BobKnight-JohnJavlicekThe Outdoor Group, Inc. would like to cordially invite you to join us and our celebrity guests for 4 nights/3 days of World-Class fishing.

Join Hall of Fame legendary basketball coach Bob Knight along with his Ohio State teammate, Hall of Fame NBA Boston Celtics star player, John Havlicek.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with these notable celebrities and passionate fisherman.

Share fishing and sports stories with two of the greatest sports legends.

Click here for more information Redfish_Lodge_Celebrity_Trip.ppt or call Steve Caballero at 281-455-3341.

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John Havlicek

The Outdoor Group, Inc. will be taking former Boston Celtics basketball great John “Hondo” Havlicek to the legendary Bimini Big Game Club in Bimini, Bahamas.

Chairman/CEO Bob Svetich will be joining Mr. Havlicek bonefishing on the flats. Havlicek holds many NBA records and is arguably one of the best NBA players of all time.

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Safe Travels,
— Bob Svetich