Western Heritage Bison Ranch

Our commercial ranching division operates as Western Heritage Bison Ranch and produces premier quality all natural grass-fed Bison in the Western United States. This operation supplies professional sports teams and their athletes with all natural (no antibiotics) alternative meat products contributing to greater performance levels and healthier lifestyles.

Team Nutritionists and Athletic Trainers concur with the research that Bison is a highly nutrient-dense food, and the perfect percentage of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids adds to its caloric value. Comparisons with other meat sources have shown that Bison has a greater concentration of iron as well as some of the fatty acids necessary for human well-being. With higher levels of protein and nutrients and the added benefits of fewer calories and less fat, this “original red meat” provides athletes with a deliciously tasting slightly sweet and rich flavor. Our Bison products are sold direct under the “Western Heritage” private label.